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Way to go!!! Sending good vibes your lungs' & knee's way. You apparently should've taken up gymnastics in addition to epic walking :P. RELAX, enjoy, celebrate you've done something only a few people ever do in their lives and even fewer do it 3 years running with time reductions each subsequent year.

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Go Steve Go! Hopefully the rest will help :). I'm with Kerri I can't wait to see the start/finish line pics.

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This reminds me that I REALLY need to upgrade my earbuds for working out. I do drop mine down the back of my shirt so wires don't tangle and such but I still am using my old iPod headphones that are rather tin-y, because I don't want to break/short a pair of new headphones while running. I do admit I love the ability to eq my ipod though, that and Nike+.

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I wish there was a track near where all my doctors are to kill time. Cause I try to schedule 'em all in one day with like 90 minute gaps between strategically for whom is gonna be running behind. I mean as long as the pro's outweigh the con's why not keep marathoning? Of course the pro's and con's are subjective...I digress.

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It's so true. I admit that I'm not as good as you are but I got put on the heart healthy diet at 14. High frutose corn syrup was pretty much off limits to me at which point I was told to eat cane sugar sweetened things on occassion and mostly rely on artificial sweeteners. Tummy and artifical sweeteners don't agree with each other. I've more or less eliminated HFCS. I still have 2 squares of dark chocolate each day as desert. It's amazing how much better you feel when you cut the sugar and the high fat foods out of your diet. (I don't know about eliminating just the sugar since I did both at the same time... wasn't easy). Good job!!!

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Looks beautiful. I've really got to get out west to some of this nature, once I'm in shape enough to enjoy it. Have a good hike!!