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I've hosted my email domain on Hover for several years. Highly recommended.

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Unicycles. LOL!

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No consumer demand = no manufacturer. Let's not shift the blame off consumers and start vilifying manufacturers while in the meantime continue our consuming. Blaming the industry is the distraction.

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I don't remember precisely when I removed Google Chrome from all my computers, but I think it was 2014. That was a big deal for me. I was very much a Google fanboi.

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How do you solve the problem if me being able to get from the grocery store with four bags of produce and the dry cleaning in the pouring rain/snow/sleet in the middle of winter, while also being able to get the office which is is 25 miles away in another town which is rural, while also being able to visit my family members, my financial planner, therapist, and the farm to table restaurant?

Give me solutions that work today. I already know the complaints.

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Yep. I voted Green Party in the last presidential election. But my vote matters very little in Solid Blue State New Jersey,

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Stumbled into this one via ”but she's a girl” blog:

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I watched episode 1. I watched a brother have sex with his sister, kill his nephew, and a man sell his sister to a warlord who let his men rape her. Nope. Not watching that.

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I’’m impressed by how much you’ve been able to get working on The lack of draft posts would kill my blogging. I almost always create my posts in multiple sessions.

My WordPress website has been in continuous operation for 15+ years. I tired importing the 5,000+ WordPress post into but had no success with that. I’m concerned with how Intense Debate and Disqus use comment data (names, email addresses). I’ve got a very efficient workflow for export images from Adobe Lightroom to WordPress. The lack of Webmention support is a deal breaker.

My WordPress never breaks. I mean never. I don’t use any plugin that isn’t updated regularly and my website is set auto-update WP and the plugins. Outside of Gutenberg I have no complaints about WordPress. has a social network. So does WordPress, but it’s differed. I can follow WordPress blogs and the posts appear in the Reader tab or the WordPress app or at I can find new blogs to follow via the Discover tab of the WordPress app or I can link my blog to this network of blogs - which a thousands times larger than the community - and my content which show up in Discover and other users can follow my blog. There is also a conversation tab to track comments.

Take a look at Grammarly. It might meet your spellcheck needs.

I think there is just too much I’d lose, and can’t replace, if I moved my web presence to

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When I was a boy, my father wore a Seiko 5 Automatic. It wasn’t expensive. At least I don’t think it was. It was one of those watches that self-winds. It was wound by movement my Dad made as he moved.

He’res what I wrote about it in a 2016 post:

My dad gave the watch to my brother who has been wearing it for several years, repairing it as needed. He was recently told that the parts for the watch could not be sourced and that the watch was not repairable. In a fit of nostalgia my brother went on Amazon and found the most recent version of the Seiko 5 Automatic and bought three; one for him, and one for each of his two brothers. I love my new watch.