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I am disappointed that you left out Gitaroo Man

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Remember that one time when an impostor invaded the royal wedding? Cadance got free and went to stop it. When she arrived to confront her double, everypony suspected a changeling invasion. "If you want love so badly, we'll give you more than you can handle." Cadance and Shining poured their love together, but it was easily absorbed. Twilight joined in, followed by Celestia, and soon everypony in the palace. No changeling could absorb that much and still stand, but this one persisted like some kind of massive sponge. Finally, collapsing in a cloud of dust, it reverted to its original form. Cadance stepped forward. "Are you ready to face your punishment?" As the dust cleared, a response was heard. "I'm ready!" There's a reason we don't talk about that time.

Yay for Derpibooru's random button?

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The ending sold it.

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[Twilight grabs Spike and flies back through the time bubble, closing it behind her. She appears back in her castle. All appears to be normal. The rest of the Mane 6 enter through the chamber door.]

Rarity: Welcome home, darling. I trust your speech in Canterlot went well?

Fluttershy: You weren't too nervous speaking in front of all those ponies, were you?

AJ: Oh, and, uh, before you go tellin' us all about it, you seem to have a visitor.

[They part, revealing Starlight Glimmer standing behind them. Starlight approaches cautiously.]

SG: It was you, wasn't it? All those years ago? When I saw your speech I just knew. You're the pony who appeared back then in my time of need and showed me the true meaning of friendship.
[Twilight's friends look confused at such an odd suggestion. Twilight just looks to Spike and smiles.]
I can never thank you enough for how much you helped me. I've lived my whole life by the advice you gave me that day. It's not much, but if it's alright with you, I'd like to invite you to visit my village.

Scene: Starlight's Village
[Cut to the group (with Starlight leading) stepping out over the mountain for the bird's eye view from the season opener. The village is there, but instead of lined up in an = sign, the buildings form a +. They are also much cleaner and brighter than the opener, with more detailed trim, windows, etc. seen when close up. A single building forms the center of the +, with awnings/walkways on all 4 sides to complete the pattern while leaving everything accessible. Cut from the mountain shot to Starlight leading the Mane 6 through the village]

SG: This village was founded on the ideals of friendship. Ponies come to me feeling outcast, like they don't have a place to belong. I give them a home here, and help them to settle in and find a use for their talent. In this village, everypony belongs. We all use our talents to help one another, and build a better environment for all. Many friends here are able to build up the confidence they need, and end up going back home to the friends and family they left behind.
[The group passes by a postal worker carrying an extremely heavy sack of mail, full to bursting. Starlight giggles]
But they always seem to stay in touch with those of us who decide to stay back here.

[The group make their way to the central building, a city hall of sorts. Starlight approaches a podium with a microphone attached to the town PA system.]
Friends, It is my honor to introduce the princess of friendship, Twilight Sparkle. She and her friends help ponies all across Equestria whenever friendship is in jeopardy, and she helped me too. She was the inspiration for this village. Without her, I don't know where I would be right now. Come, let's throw a celebration in her honor, and in the name of friendship!

[Ending song/montage features scenes of the celebration in the village, with Starlight, the Mane 6, and all the village ponies, including balloon creations by Party Favor, catering by Sugar Belle, etc.]

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The ending. Starlight just "redeeming" so suddenly? They could do better. Here's one way it could have gone with a small rewrite:

Beginning in the scene where Starlight takes them to see her past:

SG: His family recognized his magical talent and sent him off to Canterlot. I never saw him again.

Spike: Well, why not?

SG: [To Spike] Because of his cutie mark! He got his, and I didn't. He moved on, and I DIDN'T. I stayed here and never made another friend because I was too afraid another cutie mark would take them away too.

Spike: Aw, come on. A cutie mark can't take your friends away.

SG: Not everypony's lucky enough to get her cutie mark at the same time as her friends. Twilight thinks she knows everything about friendship, but she doesn't know the pain I went through. Not when she was so fortunate as to...
[Camera pans back revealing Starlight talking to Spike alone. Twilight is not behind him]
Wait, where did Twilight go?

[Cut to Twilight with young Starlight, embracing her in her wing and already engaged in speech with her]

TS: Sunburst may be distracted by everything going on in his life, but he won't have forgotten about your friendship. I should know, I'm guilty of doing the same thing to one of my old friends for quite a long time. Please find it in your heart to forgive him if he forgets to stay in contact all the time, and reach out yourself to let him know you still care.
[Twilight releases her and bends to face her eye to eye]
Be happy for his accomplishments. He found his talent, and some day you'll find yours. And being able to share your different talents with each other will only make your friendship that much stronger. An not just with Sunburst. He'll make some new friends in Canterlot, and you'll make others back here. Sharing your talent and experience with a group is what friendship is all about, and it creates something much greater than anypony could apart.

[Starlight finally rounds the corner to the front of her old house, skidding to a stop]

SG: There you are, Twilight. What are you...
[Twilight is patting young Starlight on the head, and sends her off, smiling, back inside her house. Twilight faces back out towards adult Starlight]
What did you just do?
[The time bubble appears above Starlight She notices it with a quick glance, and returns her focus to Twilight]
Wait, no! You can't! What did you!? No, no! Noo!!
[Starlight is being sucked back through the time bubble as she yells, finally disappearing through it]

[Twilight watches solemnly, then turns to look up in the opposite direction. A sonic rainboom appears in the sky. Twilight smiles.]

TS: Come on, Spike, we're going home. For real this time.

[continued below]

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I don't think that conductor's baton applies in that situation. Tokens don't have a cost, so they can't meet the cost-based requirement.

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Cheers, love! The cavalry's here (quite literally)!

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That's his actual head. Way to draw attention towards his disability you jerk.

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I haven't seen the "messed up" SU fandom everyone complains about, but then again I avoid tumblr like the plague (except for linked/reposted comics and images).

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Take all the comics of ponies playing with pony figures.

Now imagine yourself playing with these.

Don't you feel bad for making the ponies do that now?