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Why is this so hard for Senator Warren? The banks won't be satisfied until they have completely wiped out the U.S. Treasury with bailouts and pried every dime out of America's vanishing middle-class. Easy.

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Eh, in the illustration above, it looks like God's only going to take out his wrath on Bayonne, NJ. No great loss.

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I wonder if there's a lawsuit in there for those poor people who's Social Security numbers Jeb Bush dumped on the world? Better call Saul.

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Note to Arizona: This has been tried before. It did not work. See the following Wikipedia entry:

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Do you own firearms?

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In other words, presidenting while black.

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I'm waiting with baited breath for the next Wall Street Journal op-ed piece saying that the rampant income equality that produces these demented rich kids is somehow "good."

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Next thing you know, the GOPeers will be handing out titles of nobility - say hello to the Dowager Countess Lindsay Graham!

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I hereby propose an amendment that outlaws all military-style camouflage "fashion."

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Eh, I'm not impressed. Because Megyn is a woman, she's sensitive to women's issues; because Dick Cheney has a gay daughter, he's for gay rights. There are many other examples. If one of them had a son or daughter badly injured in the Iraq War, they'd all be for taking care of veterans, otherwise, no. With Republicans, it's always the same thing - they have no empathy for others unless the issue personally concerns them. Fail.