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bump for new Good Place, and sorry if you tried to connect over the last few days and couldn't--my contingency plan for being out of town failed.

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Thank you!

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I thought of suggesting JS&MN because I love it immensely--it's probably my favorite book since 2000-ish--but since it's not short, I discounted it. So take that as a qualified vote.

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ALL FILES (you will have to redownload this whenever there are updates, or just get the new ones below): http://steelypips.org/Mark%20Watches%20SU%20(all)...

1x01-1x07: http://steelypips.org/MW-SU-S01E01-E07.torrent
1x08-1x14: http://steelypips.org/MW-SU-S01E08-E14.torrent
1x15-1x21: http://steelypips.org/MW-SU-S01E15-E21.torrent
1x22-1x28 : http://steelypips.org/MW-SU-S01E22-E28.torrent
1x29-1x35: http://steelypips.org/MW-SU-S01E29-E35.torrent
1x36-1x42: http://steelypips.org/MW-SU-S01E36-E42.torrent
1x43-1x49: http://steelypips.org/MW-SU-S01E43-E49.torrent
1x50-2x03: http://steelypips.org/MW-SU-S01E50-S02E03.torrent
2x04-2x10: http://steelypips.org/MW-SU-S02E04-E10.torrent
2x11-2x17: http://steelypips.org/MW-SU-S02E11-E17.torrent
2x18-2x24: http://steelypips.org/MW-SU-S02E18-E24.torrent
2x25 - 3x03 : http://steelypips.org/MW-SU-S02E25-S03E03.torrent
3x04 - 3x08: http://steelypips.org/MW-SU-S03E04-E08.torrent
3x09 - 3x13: http://steelypips.org/MW-SU-S03E09-E13.torrent
3x14 - 3x18: http://steelypips.org/MW-SU-S03E14-E18.torrent
3x19 - 3x25: http://steelypips.org/MW-SU-S03E19-E25.torrent
4x01 - 4x05 : http://steelypips.org/MW-SU-S04E01-E05.torrent
4x06 - 4x11: http://steelypips.org/MW-SU-S04E06-E11.torrent
4x12 - 4 x shorts: http://steelypips.org/MW-SU-S04E12-S04shorts.torr...
4x15 - 4x18: http://steelypips.org/MW-SU-S04E15-E18.torrent
4x19 - 4x23: http://steelypips.org/MW-SU-S04E19-E23.torrent
4x24 - 5x04: http://steelypips.org/MW-SU-S04E24-S05E04.torrent
5x05 - 5x06: http://steelypips.org/MW-SU-S05E05-E06.torrent
5x07 - 5x10: http://steelypips.org/MW-SU-S05E07-E10.torrent
5x11 - 5x12: http://steelypips.org/MW-SU-S05E11-E12.torrent
5x13 - 5x16: http://steelypips.org/MW-SU-S05E13-E16.torrent
5x17 - 5x18: http://steelypips.org/MW-SU-S05E17-E18.torrent
5x19 - 5x23: http://steelypips.org/MW-SU-S05E19-E23.torrent
5x24 - http://steelypips.org/MW-SU-S05E24.torrent

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Mark Watches Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood: http://steelypips.org/markwatchesfma-b.torrent

Mark Watches Revolutionary Girl Utena: http://steelypips.org/mw-utena.torrent

Mark Watches Galaxy Quest: http://steelypips.org/mw-galaxy-quest.torrent

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I seed indefinitely! If you've snagged a torrent from me, please try and stay seeding for a while. Thanks! (My list of torrents has grown long enough that IntenseDebate won't let me edit them as a single comment. So I'm putting them as a reply to this comment; it makes my life easier if you reply to THIS comment, not the ones with links, so I can keep editing those.)

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I doubt he would let another titled person off with a fine for punching a guy unprovoked (sorry: not a fine, a payoff to the victim), though, which to be fair I didn't mention explicitly in my comment. (Nor would he think that money could make up for it if some richer person caused him to miss 6 o'clock.)

Sure, he's doing what he can to mitigate the damage, but it's damage he shouldn't have done in the first place.

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Carrot is the ruthless one, but Vimes doesn't intend to tell him not to in the future.

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Mmm. But _Vimes_?