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So moving!!! Amazing to see the old gang again

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Why has no one said the words 'You From Another Star' yet? Also, not to promote piracy, but there are lots of good streaming sites with Eng subs for those of us who don't speak Korean.

Also, Sungkyunkwan Scandal absolutely changed my life, definitely worth watching!

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"I am as unencumbered as a bullet." Chillingly beautiful.

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My Little Aristotle: Philosophy is Magic!

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I'm loving the image of embalmed penises "dancing in a stately sort of way", like a scene cut from a gruesome re-make of a Jane Asten novel.
Nodding ther little heads in the dark...

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Write it!!

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Gosh, what a good question... There are so many good things to be gleaned from a degree that involves ancient Greek and Latin and art and history and literature and and and, but the first one that comes to mind is that one ancient Greek slang word for 'vagina' was 'tongue-case'.

Favourite things people have learned from their degrees should be a running discussion here, I think.

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Ah, no, definitely not. Gods/goddesses had lots of different names and titles, but Athena was Athena everywhere. Plus, cities were often named for other things than deities, like their mythical founders or some significant nearby feature. This is complicated by the fact that some cities (including Rome) then just straight-up invented gods/goddesses for their cities retroactively.
Thank you for the opportunity for Classics chat, I am here all week, try the fish.

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I'm so excited to tell you this! It's actually 'sending owls to Athens' - the Athenian tetradrachm (one of the most famous coins in the ancient world) has Athena on the 'heads' side and a beautiful owl on the 'tails' side (obverse and reverse for my fellow numisma-nerds).