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Ah thanks! Just fixed it. Normally errors like this don't happen, but all the editors are on vacation. I myself just got back. Regardless, I'll tell the writer to spell check more carefully...

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CG has come a long way in anime. I remember the likes of Vandread (2000) where the CG was terrible. Now we have awesome implementation of CG (besides Infinite Stratos, there's Tiger and Bunny and Gundam Unicorn as examples).

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Ah I was waiting for the first idiotic comment to appear. Since you sorely lack reading comprehension (and general intelligence in general), it's an April Fool's joke. Now please go crawl under a rock.

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Gamers always find something to complain about. Very entitled bunch. As always Mr. G, your input/comments/opinions are greatly appreciated. Now back to watching Symphogear for me.

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Good to hear XD

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Uhh why will you continue blogging independently? I didn't see you reason. If it's to avoid knowing someone personally, I don't think that's a bad thing. Silverwolf does great work, but even if I didn't know him, this review isn't as good as some of his others. It's easy to pick up hints of bias once you've read a lot of someone's work. You pretty much know what each editor of IGN likes and dislikes if you've read about 10 of their reviews.

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While I don't mind factoring in personal entertainment in determining a rating for a review, this is by far one of your works that drips with more bias than usual. That's not a bad thing per se, but in this case I think it overly blinds you to the point where it's kinda a put-off while reading. Maybe because I know you personally. Reviews are all subjective, but it's important to try to be objective in regards to film making technique and coherency. This is what's lacking in this review.

For example, I gave Highschool of the Dead a 4/5. I mentioned it got that rating for its personal entertainment value, yet I clearly stated all the glaring flaws and that it was by no means a good anime. Just like with your view on TDKR, I think you don't take into enough consideration how bad the pacing is in this film. Among other things, the narrative structure is jarring, and the plot is generic and at times a mess. There was not enough dialogue (the romance between Clark and Lois was incredibly forced) and character development (Clark "finds" himself in a span of 10 minutes merely by talking to Jor-el in a ship and putting on a suit). There's more, but it can be saved for an "Objection."

On a side, its funny that TDKR received so much praise from critics despite it being an equally bad mess (bad pacing, glaring plot holes, poor development, logical fallacies) while MOS has been slammed. I think that's because of the "Nolan effect." He can do no wrong. Both MOS and TDKR get a solid 3/5 for me (6/10). Good movies, definitely far from great. Both were enjoyable, but from a film making standpoint, they aren't up to snuff. Alas, looks like Spider-Man 2, Iron Man, and The Dark Knight will continue to remain the only great comic book films.

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I appreciate that you weren't belligerent in your reply or attempted to flame. This post was made in part for comedy, so it wasn't meant to be taken too seriously XD. Although looking back, I think I can throw in the rest of the pink haired cast of To Love Ru (mainly based on the recent season).

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Another ignorant comment that adds nothing of value. I suggest you learn to properly criticize and critique work rather than just hurl insults. Have a nice day.

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Take a chill pill dude. These things aren't supposed to be taken so seriously...