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Immigration is and still is a concern for a large part of the electorate. You know voters, many of them conservative voters. Many who will voice their democratic right on thursday. Go on call them racists, you know you want to.

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Or a privately educated leader of the opposition? Or a privately educated leader of TIG? Or Lady Nugee? Or any of the large numbers of privately educated MPs who presently infest westminster?
Perhaps we should put our faith in Stephen Kinnock, who after studying at the college of Europe, moved to working for the European Commission, British Council and the World European Forum. A real chip off the welsh socialist block.

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Thanks for your imput. Much appreciated.

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Where do you get your info - the bar of the local wetherspoons?
The figures re city jobs relocated to europe since the brexit vote are out there-look them up. The estimafions of city jobs lost have continually reduced. Look the figs up, they are freely available.
Why don't you look at the figures on city building leasing where the true figs are relevant. The city continues to grow, new office space is being created and lease values are solid.
The City is just fine .

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I have no idea where you are doorstepping and why boris is on your list of questions but i would point out the following:
1. Boris won 2 terms as mayor of Labour's London.
2. Boris was the face of the leave campaign that against all odds won the referendum.
3. Boris is the preferred choice of members to lead the party in recent polling.
4. Recent polls have Boris the only tory who can seriously challenge Labour at the next election.
Boris is the party's only hope of stopping the hard left Labour party in the next election and these comments will resonate with, not alienate voters.
You obviously don't support him but thankfully you are in the minority.

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Good , off you go then, send us a postcard!

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I was replying to the chap who with some certitude outlined britains immediate future. My ideas on brexit are neither here or there now i knoe what is going to happen, i would leave if i were you, we are all doomed.
By the way are'nt you a Lib / Dem?

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Luckily as you have pointed out before on this thread as you are not a member your wet dream is redundant.
I 'm sure there is a Lib/Dem home site you can haunt .