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Where do I sign to join the Far Left Juggernaut?

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The whole damn Democratic caucus should wear them.

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Remember the Alamo. Never eat tacos on whatever day that was.

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I've been telling friends for a long time now that the Tea Party is a 21st century revival of the Know Nothings.

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Any other old school wrestling fans around here? Remember Jim Herd, the empty suit who did his damnedest to destroy World Championship Wrestling via his own stupidity? The man had ideas too stupid for wrestling fans to buy into, for crying out loud. He ran the company into the ground and drove Ric Flair, one of the best if not the best villains in the field, right into the arms of the competition.

Herd's previous gig? Pizza Hut executive.

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Your first paragraph should be a friggin' bronze plaque somewhere.

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The world would be a better place if all the tiny dicks with big badges just let their id monsters out in a nice game of Dungeons & Dragons.

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Ah, nuts. Clicked the downfist by mistake.

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"They pulled the pdfs because they were being pirated, it is as simple as that."

But pulling the already available legacy PDFs was clearly not a rational decision, even if you accept the premise that pulling the PDFs for new material was the right move.

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I clicked through hoping to find a picture of Jeb Bush holding tiny sugar statues of Aleister "The Great Beast" Crowley. Somehow, that seems to make more sense than the actual results.