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No, this thing has been done for a few years now. But, I may be doing some more giveaways in future posts on my new blog,

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I'm glad you liked my post! How did you find my blog, by the way? I see you have a website, too. I'll definitely check it out!

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Thanks for the comment and compliment!

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Thanks for your thoughts! I can totally see what you're saying. I probably could've explained myself a little bit better, but my main focus was merely to rustle people up. It seems like there are two different "communities," as you put it. The "conservative" or Christian one, and the "liberal" or LGBT supporting one (definitely generalizing, but you understand). Each group seems to be bashing the other without really looking at itself to make sure it is staying consistent with what it says it believes. There are those LGBT supporters boycotting Chick-fil-A and "conservatives" buying Chick-fil-A like there is no tomorrow! Honestly, both sides are just doing these things to rile each other up. Neither of those things honestly do anything positive. Therefore, hopefully I can rustle up a little logic by putting each group into question.

What do you think?

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I totally understand what you're talking about with the "legislating morality" cliche. Honestly, I agree with you. I merely used it to try to get people thinking and asking questions in general. I'm just a college student, after all. I don't know and I don't claim to fully understand everything I talk about in this post. But, I hope my thoughts at least facilitate people listening to every point of view. Thanks for your input!

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Thanks for checking out my post! I'm really excited for all God has in store this summer!

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Thanks, man!

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Gracias por leer mi post y comentarios! Este es sin duda un tema complejo, así que está bien no estar de acuerdo, pero ¿por qué crees que es lo que el pasaje en Hechos significa eso? Estoy utilizando el traductor de google para responder ya que no soy fluido en español :)

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I totally get where you're coming from. I do agree that unless a country actually asks for military help, we shouldn't just go around taking over countries. Without understanding everything Invisible Children has done or does, I can totally understand being wary of directly supporting them. I wrote a response to another comment that might be able to give you more of what I think.

Thanks again!

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Lauren, I can definitely see where you are coming from. I'm taking a class about trends and issues with missions, and what you're talking about seems to be an issue that has infiltrated modern missions. It is the idea that us people in the West know better how to do things than people in other countries--simply because we are from the US or "First World" in general. Even though the US hasn't colonized other countries in the same way as Britain, France, etc. much of the mentality that came from the imperialistic mindset has come into the Church and Western mindset in general. There are a few problems with this. First, it can create resentment (as in India). Second, and possibly worse, is that it can create dependency. Instead of building up people in a foreign country, many times we come in and try to fix things without getting nationals involved. In turn, it can take away jobs and opportunities from nationals and make them feel helpless by themselves. This issue of dependency seems to be essentially going along with what you were saying.

I think there is definitely a role for other countries to help each other simply because these other countries are made up of people just like us who deserve better. We need to figure out ways to support each other and be culturally sensitive so that these issues don't happen. At this point, I haven't looked into Invisible Children enough to comment on whether they are really creating dependency through what they are doing, but it seems like it is happening, sadly. My problem right now is, I don't have the time to create another organization which tries to help these people through uplifting and strengthening the people in Uganda and other countries to defeat their enemy themselves. Most of the people in this movement didn't really have experience or training in these things until they started a few years ago. Yes, Invisible Children might not be doing things the best way, but at least they care enough to try. What do you think?

Thanks for your input!