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Commander Firebrand


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You rang?

-Holds out giant funnel and places end into mouth-

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That Tatzlwurm's gonna get SOOOO much fanart...

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...can you be ANY more condescending?

On topic, for what we got this was pretty decent. Cinematography needed work, there were some animation kerfluffles, and voice acting wasn't too great, but for what we got I'm mildly impressed with. The overly sappy moments in the original like the Simba doll and the job moment were glanced over which I really have to applaud.

Not a fan of the original work though. It's on Twilight levels of manipulative.

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Seriously? Isn't this like... the fifth or so attempt at making a My Little Dashie movie?

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Brace yourselves. The remixes are coming.

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Thank you. It's nice to see another point of view on here to offset mine.

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That's just it isn't it? Where's the line of toleration or taking action?

Look, I don't see your point. I'm pointing out an observation and trying to open something up to discussion. If I came across as attention-whoring that wasn't my intention.

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You're right, let's just ignore the hypocrites, that'll make them change. Let's just tolerate injustices and bigots. Let's let them do their own thing instead of showing them what's wrong. In fact, why don't we pull out of the middle east and let them work out their own problems? We'll just sit here complacent in our own homes knowing that we are infinitely better than the rest of the world and do nothing to change it.

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Becoming Popular: The Randy Newman Version.