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Snyder’s preference for photographing the masculine form like the bastard offspring of Robert Mapplethorpe and Vince McMahon...

I feel like this statement should be put on a plaque and hung up somewhere. Beautiful, Bob.

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No, I understood you. I was trying to back up your point, not argue against it; sorry if that was unclear.

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Yeah, and by the time the Joker and Robin are introduced, the guns are pretty much gone. What's more iconic to Batman: his perennial sidekick and arch-nemesis, or those 4 months he used guns?

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The Transformers franchise has been buoyed by its non-domestic, non-European box office, especially China, whose box office swells even as the domestic take shrinks with every entry in the franchise. The Dark Knight trilogy wasn't even released in China, and Man of Steel only did 1/5 the business of the last Transformers film. My guess is this is another "disappointing" hit (as far as WB execs think) like MOS was.

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Seeing as Wonder Woman is the diplomat, peacemaker, and war leader, making her the one who brings the Justice League together is the only interesting idea BvS seems to offer. It makes so much sense now I wonder why the comics never did it.

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Not really fair to hold up something that's happened maybe half-a-dozen times in the 75-year continuity of the character--in a medium known for crazy retcons and alternate continuities that regularly get rewritten--as "a lot".

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This looks so up its own ass, it's going to win all the Oscars!

Based on that bit of Michael Corleone dialogue at the end, though, if there's ever a gender-flipped remake of The Godfather, I want JLaw in it.

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This is the first episode I saw; does this mean the previous three aren't as good? 'Cause this one was great!

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And the secret ninja clan conspiracy, and the magic fear gas, and the blowing up of police cars and killing R'as al-Ghul--ok, I don't like those last bits so much, but the rest is pretty damn good!

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Well, he also had the magic power to get several dozen mentally ill people to pull off deviously complicated schemes in a matter of days that even the top special forces units in the world would spend weeks preparing. But that's fine: it's still a movie about a billionaire in a bat suit who punches a clown, and the Joker's more an Avatar of Chaos than a realistic threat. I just shake my head whenever someone tries to tell me how "grounded" and "realistic" Nolan's Batman is. Tell it to the secret ninja clan and the guy with a mask he can't eat through.