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9 years ago @ PLAYERESSENCE - Square Enix CEO Knows ... · 0 replies · +1 points

Oh they are goin to localize... wait false alarm *goes back to play anothrer 130 hours of DQ7 on psx

9 years ago @ PLAYERESSENCE - Itagaki says Devil's T... · 0 replies · +2 points

I do usually wit until more things are available to put my opinion or hype on it... but Itagaki have arguments and games in his belt to back up his claims so yeah, I am excited and hyped for this game

9 years ago @ PLAYERESSENCE - Evolve Review Roundup ... · 0 replies · +2 points

Sheesh is almos like if the same kind of games aren't beating the almost dead horse and people don't get bored of it...

9 years ago @ PLAYERESSENCE - Xenoblade Chronicles X... · 1 reply · +4 points

I usurious go and see this with low expectations to be amazed, today I went with high expectations and was amazed, that doesn'tt happen often.

9 years ago @ PLAYERESSENCE - Sony Unveils the Walkm... · 0 replies · +23 points

1200 for a Walkman??? It's been 15 years since the 90's ended.

This will comeback and will bite them in the face and kick the butt of sony so hard.

Even if I was a die hard Sony fanboy I wuold recognize this scam from miles away.

I am almost 110% sure that their stock will drop and this will flop hard, it will be like watching someone jump to a pool from a 20 feet platform and belly flop.

9 years ago @ PLAYERESSENCE - New Nintendo 3DS Ambas... · 1 reply · +1 points

Soy de San Luis Potosí Mexico.

Amigo o Amiga? ah, soy hombre pero soy asexual y la verdad me da igual como quieras referirte a mi, pero hice esta cuenta para probar el servicio, el nombre de usuario lo puse tras jugar un rato con paginas que creaban nombres al azar.

9 years ago @ PLAYERESSENCE - New Nintendo 3DS Ambas... · 6 replies · +3 points

asi es, es mi primer lenguaje y el que menos uso en linea, muchas paginas de internet en español estan llenas de trolls y niños rata que es dificil encontrar una pagina libre de bias y trolls, incluso paginas en otros idiomas tambien sufren ese estigma... por suerte encontre esta pagina para cubrir la necesidad de noticias sobre este hobby tan interesante sin estar infectado de ese tipo de parasitos que solo arruinan la experiencia. :D

9 years ago @ PLAYERESSENCE - New Nintendo 3DS Ambas... · 8 replies · +2 points

One of the Spanish youtubers i follow isn´t one of theselected ones, but one of his followers will gift him one just so he can show and review the console in his youtube channel.

9 years ago @ PLAYERESSENCE - Greg Miller & Colin Mo... · 0 replies · +4 points

regardless if i like them or not, i wish them good luck.

9 years ago @ PLAYERESSENCE - Dragon Quest X Version... · 2 replies · +3 points

The moment you don't give a *$^# about your favorite game saga is a sad moment...f $#@ you squareenix