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Happy Birthday! You kill it each month with the income, so I wouldn't worry about that.

I think doing something you are passionate about is the most important thing. Doing something that you hate just because it pays more money is a recipe for failure.
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I don't have much stuff either. I don't like lots of stuff, it makes me feel cluttered. I love the 400sq house, do you have pictures of that? Did you build or buy it?
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Looks amazing and fun. I'm still jealous!
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I'm so jealous of your awesome passive income. You are killing it!
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We absolutely agree! My wife and I are pretty minimalistic, although there is always room for improvement! Look at Jacob at Extreme Early Retirement, the guys kicks our butt!
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Well said Michelle, awesome post! I agree wholeheartedly with you. We start because of accountability, potential revenue, and just to share our thoughts!
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We love to swim if a pool is available. All of yours are great ideas though!
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I'm pretty young and risk tolerant. I have no problem with high risk, high reward. On the other hand, we are trying to pay off the remaining student loan just to be out of debt. Debt sucks...
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Looks like a couple of fantastic giveaways. You rock Michelle
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Seems stressful and exciting all at once. I'd like to break into the freelancing world, but I suppose it takes time. Keep up the great work!
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