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We shall not be reprieved when Biden takes over--with his chosen ones--let's just say we'll still have work to do. It just did not get any harder...with Trump gone.
This whole covid ER might just be a conspiracy so evil so pervasive we cannot know what comes at us next.
I will only share a vaccination with Joe or kamala, right after them eachi will finish the needle. or split the pill...how ever it comes. But before that i want to see Bill and Mepretty take it.

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Mnunchkin, Pompeo, DeJoy, cruella D'Evil the privatization preacheress from AMWAY, elegant Ivanka, her beau, more Pence than you can count, Barr the door Mirandy, McTrumple, all GONE! And ten more supremes on top of that vanilla paste we got now.
in the immmortal words of Ms AllDark, "It's will be worth it."

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nice work. whitehead is a hero. as is koenig. greenwald. n. klein. many others. the alarm bells are ringing and the peephole got to hear. do not worry for whom the bells toll, they toll for thee.
wake up. America.

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huh...what language do they speak? you sure? mongol? maybe japanese...or Tagalog?

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don't forget Cuba. also hungry for a nuke or two.
maybe a new covid 21...

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"our leaders do not want these problems solved."
why? because our remedies are nice and fake. we install our fave dictators and let them spread more criminal kickbacks and dissent to crush than before. then we turn on them and kill them to be replaced by another fake.
we call them terrorists who defend their homelands. we ignore the fact that it is we who are terrorizing them in their homeland. we are never in defense of anything, we are offensive to the max.

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yes, well. great basketball teams!
Mass also has one of the highest death rates.
like U Con. more ball there, too. huhm. no. it's not the virus. it's capitalism. held together by CIA and DOD and plenty money dosage every 10 years or so.
peepole not working will crash this econ 101 in another year. if that don't do it the debit picture will. but store that: the elites own 90 % of the land so they got milk. the workers don't. living week by week is no answer w/o health and food and then add in getting evicted. room & board withdrawn...= death
the coming vaccine is a sham. it will probably insert something like a controller or locator or billy & mepretty's fave sterilizer gene...they don't want these ones having any more BABIES...

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the mask simply keeps one from coughing sneezing or spraying any covid laces droplets upon another person. it is empathetic and altruistic. that alone makes it a good mental or philosophical exercise to practice. and that's it.
other wise C-19 is a tiny throb in the 1% of humanity down to about 1.2% of that 1% and so small as to be almost irrelevant to our societies when compared to economic shut downs that might soon--if not acted upon now-- leave so many peple homeless and evicted straight into winter. without a roof over head. and those who lose their means of earning enough to eat and care for children and their education...more .gov services will be needed this january so that wearing a mask or not will become an interesting by-product of this small fraction of a flu.
flus have done more within smaller populations. so have wars. 4 million Vietnamese died in that stupid aimless massacre imposed by our ir force upon a bucolic and ancient culture of peace...and family.
1.5 million died in Iraq. millions more in theKorean War. these did not attack Ameicans we attacked them.
today Vietmanis one of the least effected by Covid. we are the worst by gross measure. and that panic might be enough to call this the Panic Pandemic, as we get set up by our fascist corpo-state leadership to allow vaccines unchecked properly into our bodies...vaccines which will have inexorable permanent inheritable attributes we will not be informed about that might werk right through our children and theirs.
a nazi dream come true.

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thank you. i call him Obewon Oblama and they call me traitor to my face....
w/ a nod to L. Cohen

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this scoop brought to us by Bannon, Carlson, Jewelry Annie, and Hannety, LLC
Dedicated to truth in reporting since....uhmmm....oh,we'll get back to you on that....U dog U!....how'd u draw the queen o' diamonds...hey kid, grab me una otra mula, con prisa ya!