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Trolls United so ugly:
the anti-abortion church enslaves women.
everywhere it can...
the idea of income supporting the US Gov't is fantasy:
those who have don't pay,
only the wage earners do.
ASSETS. thus no taxes.
Capital is a Ponzi scheme.

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She's not a left brain order freak. She's a poetic philosopher. We are to have a little imagination and extrapolate & expand but argue with?!
Give us a break! It's not Caitlin's fault we're in this situation. She sees it clearly. Enough! It's we who have to act! write your own solutions--pleaaase do not give us capitalism... and maybe our talking together, speaking out, will make + change EVOLVE before disaster hits us all flat in the face.

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i just love these fakepols like Biden faking his whole life...
is China guiltyof stealing the factories we GAVE THEM?
if China points all its over 200 ICY BM's INTO the silos cut into the Gobi or Tengger deserts it will poison Beijing for sure
PLUS the entire northern hemisphere. imagine a million times chernobyl. add in 1,000 hiroshimas.
then add in the US response
it'll make climate change a sad joke.

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oh, please: water under the bridge. nascent ops. compare to NOW...

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i wanted to tell you for a way too long time:
we love this place and you in it. so never having to say yer sorry again. impossible after what you have accomplished.
keep on keepin on...
It must continue...and with your name on it.

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lawyers are liars.

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Jet fuel: very much of it burned in the air an was gone before the fire ball could sink to the earth. not enough time or place to melt steel if it even could melt steel.
and the sloppiness of the primary force made it impossible for a straight down collapse. the top of one tower wa already tipping over when the whole thing dropped out from under it....
prina facie evidence--you believe what you see with yer own eyes: works for me. #7 seals it.
as well as the destruction of evidence and the sending of pieces of steel to India and China!!!
Could those steel mills show us what they received some day just to destroy republicans if they wanted?
what steel mills received this shipment of warm evidence...as we left it to the perps to investigate their own crime. makes it lots easier that way.

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supplied freeway dancers around the tripod of death.
also vacted their offices in time for jets to strike if they were commericial jet liners or not.
oh, and also the owner who finally realized the cost of asbestos removal.
and then qui bono if US aggression vs innocent bystanders might free up Is real to attack Gaza more often....

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viva! bravo!

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1st of all i said thermate not thermit. the latter invented in 1895.
get this:
Because thermate burns at higher temperatures than ordinary thermite,[1] it has military applications in cutting through tank armor or other hardened military vehicles or bunkers. As with thermite, thermate's ability to burn without an external supply of oxygen renders it useful for underwater incendiary devices.
that was from wikipedia.
and i'm glad yu included it in your analysis: because thermate or thermite are both used in DEMOLITION...
which is my main point. Kerosene cannot melt steal one bit ever. and jet fue is kerosene.
jet fuel if you prefer to use that term, is racing through steelengines in ever plane whether jet turbines of propelers and it is similar to the gasoline we always use in ICE cars.
no engines ever melt.
Besides that: much of it was consumed in the fiery bubble that floatd for a few seconds outside the point of entry of the airline if it was an airliner. and not really a flying gas station created for moving fighter jets around the world without landing at various airfields. faster, more secure and secret.
i'm glad you included Themite because the presense of it also could've been the one used for the demolition as getting the heavy load carrying columns out of the way for the Foot print collapse was part of the necessity of concealung hte long simmering white smoke producing heat of the molten steel in the 7 story basements of those two buildings.
my case gets a lot simpler for bldg #7 which obviously was demolished as it sank from the center so the wals also would fall into the huge basement (for lack of a better term).
not hit by kerosene loaded "jet liner" either. the only conclusion left there is that it was pure demolition.
AND in one more mention: there was no evidence of any commercial jet liners in any of the 4 incidents.