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nano-plastic on da brains...

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saying it is henceforth not a crime...threats galore may rise out of the undrained swamp we must now call the Barr-none Territory.

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so , my brother, you don't want any national debt. me neither.
but i want to pay everyone over 18 2,000 a month for life and geev 'en free HC and free. EDU. also. IF and only IF they take Econsay, 303.
and comparative Econ 101:
now i do not know what your know you don't know or dont now what you do know...but listen up. we just gave banks more than GOV spends in a year. 4 trillion and we did it twice. 2008 and now. and some inbetween. and you're jumpin on ME!
Ok i also hate the DOD for killing 4 million Viets and 56,000 US boyz. 1.5 Iraqis for what ROI? tec get the picture. i wannna make a trade...just like in beisbol been berry berry good to me. you keep Dept of Offense and i get 2,000 for each Gringo on Earth.
see who gets elected now?
one more think on this...all my 2,000's will be spent and they aren't enough anyway. that miney will go round 9 times shrinking by the amt saved each cicuit. since nobody can save except da rich it will go around in one year one month of 2,000 willl total 24,000 added to GDP. and some one opened a new business and althe old shuttered ones are reopned and everyone is paying taxes so we can retire the national debt if we want. but not your way. DOD and Bankers do not stimulate GDP or anything except their own wallets. dig it, bro?
they are what got us to here
call it trickle down hahahaha.
we need bubble up.
and just in case yo uwanna stay stubborn look at Japan. they history right they starving and dying off right? NOT! japan's national debt is 200% of GDP. you got GDP right?
ours is just now crossing over 100% that means if we want to retire our natinal debt we'd have to take every dollar made for one whole year--people would starve--and use it to pay off....uhhmmm...guess who OWNSW the national debt!
who are the creditors of the USA?
me and you and allthe rrich peephole. bankers. and other natins like China....wana hear top 3 in reverse order?
japan... now y wanna ask who owns theirs so much bigger than ours--% wise. (a little homework for ya--ook it up)
2. China. yep. allthose things we bot made in China not quite all paid for huh? japan is 6%, China 7%
now guess who is #1?
da Scial Security admininistration. can you dig it. you mean, JIMMY you liar! you dawg! theone agency the Ripuglicans bitch about the most....is a CREDITOR #1 of the USGOV'T. can you dig it baby?!
see how life works.in real life?
you can google national debts of any nation all nations.
do it. China, to Finland. to Indonesia, to UK to germany to roma or moscow...see who owes who...
find out WHO owns WHO whileyer out there. add upall the Free HC nations and compare their debt to GDP.
scout it out.
and TW in case you did not get it:
that 24,000 whipping around the ECONOMY? that was only from one month.

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some elected leaders roll up their sleeves to show no fear of it. set an example.
story behind every story. AOC has a VERY scared and somewhat alarmist even superstitious district...
but, she is human. the vax is poison. it kills and never leaves ...this "cure" is not trustworthy. mRNA is a crap shoot. i'm using vit D zinc, + multi vits and hardboiled eggs ...in abnormally higher doses. im 79, so kill me.
you like Gates? Pfizer? these vaxes do not stop carriers from carryin'. they stop symptoms only. not the disease, quote unquote. go to global research look around. Ret ex VP of pfizer quoted here.
1st time ever your DNA altered and after a very short time...normal is 8-12 years. for dead chems, this is. LIVE...

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i'm really glad someone here is not deluded. uhm..
what's yer plan again?

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good thing you were here to make it all better.
you know it all.

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one difference: he'll feel it. his party is split. progressives, like me, CANNOT shut up! we HAVEto speak, shout and demonstrate because
biden will be told if he does not see, that his coices are gonna tearus apart and restore Trumpism and/or neo Trumpists galore.
we need a 2,000 a month basic minimum income or die! we need a Free medicare not this shackled monstrosity that cannot make enough to pay the billionaires for their oxycontins.
we have oil. Norway has oil. they offer free HC and Edu. we don't why? we 2 busy killing off the opposition, and installing despots. saddam hussein was our cia boy. we tossed Mossadeq for the Shah which gave us Khomeini, and then we found out iraq is 89% Shia same as Iran. Oblama tossed out Zelaya in Honduras for a drug cartelero which made the mommies there put their kids on the roof of la Besta.
we replaced socialist gov'ts all over the planet.
think we're gonna stop it and let Bernie and AOC rise up. orthe squad + about 100 more in congress already?

whthappens if we lose and the planet burns and floods and all we got left is capitalism. who lives? who gonna die?

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in amerdrica, white rioters charge police, and take selfies;
while black rioter/demonstrators get charged by police and shot in the back when they flee.
the white cause is bogus and stems from the plantation; and
the black cause is born of slavery.

no US election is ever fair: if they were and ND had 3 EC votes w/ 500,000 people, CA w/ 40 million people, would have 240 votes in the electoral college.

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pelosi gave us dead iraqi grannies kids mommies.
no health care. more war.
dead zone libya.
big bank bailouts.
more oil.
honduras sending their kid norte on la bestia.
and bad vaxes