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Osomatsu-san is the second show this year that has made me cry tears of sadness. Death Parade was the first.

Jyushimatsu :,(

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Or last season's Charlotte. Or this season's Concrete Revolutio.

Still, I like the idea of an American comic book-like anime (the art certainly seems like they're staying true to that style).

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I think that people voted for Charlotte because its crew (Jun Maeda, Key) is famous for making visual novels. To be fair, I do think that Charlotte would make a better visual novel than an anime. You could develop the characters and plot without time constraints and the pacing already feels like it was lifted from a visual novel (the long slice-of-life buildup at the beginning and then the sudden plot changes that feel like they could be easily changed if Yuu--or the player--made different decisions).

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Don't worry. The next volumes of Evergreen will definitely have "more", just not the "more" you're probably expecting.

Well, I wasn't expecting the route the plot went in its later chapters, at least.

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Before Steven Bomb 2.0, it was probably a toss up between So Many Birthdays, Space Race, On the Run or Jailbreak. So Many Birthdays hooked me to the show, Space Race ensured that I'll never stop watching (also Pearl is now best gem), On the Run worked really well as a character and world study and Jailbreak...well, it's the perfect season finale.

Now, after last week, I can't decide between Sworn to the Sword or Chille Tid.

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I'm surprised that So Many Birthdays isn't a must watch. There's a good deal of world building and it's really the first episode that digs into how being a Gem sort of sucks, setting up more emotional stuff latter on.

Plus, it was the episode that hooked me to the show and it had arguably the show's first big tear-jerking scene, so I may be a little biased.

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Spike is one of my favorite characters. If he were a pony, he'd probably be in my top 3 "best ponies" list.

Sure, his episodes can leave a lot to be desired, but he works so well as a supporting character. Especially when he has to put up with Twilight's lunacy (like, in Lesson Zero or It's About Time). His character still has lots of room for exploration too.

He was also the best part of the first Equestria Girls. Don't deny it.

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I'm so happy that Tsuncord is a recurring character.

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How "underrated" even is underrated? Like, I'd consider Hyouka, for example, a very underrated Kyo-Animation show (shifts eyes towards poll on right) but I wouldn't call it underrated in general. You'd have to dig really deep into the anime scene to find stuff that's genuinely under-watched.

Also, if Ouran High School Host Club is underrated, all anime is underrated. That's one of the few non-kiddy anime I constantly heard about before I started seriously watching anime. Even today, I see people who aren't into anime understanding jokes from it on social media (KISS KISS FALL IN LOVE and Twincest).