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I love the bullet point post, actually. They are easy to write, and even easier to read.

I *don't* watch Breaking Bad, but I can't help but be interested given all the hoopla. I've become a bit averse to violence in visual media, although I can overcome it if I am interested enough in the story (hello Game of Thrones). I think I'll just have to give it a try.

And add me to the list of folks envious of your first read of TKAM. I read it for the first time just a few years ago, and it's one of those rare novels that is totally hype proof. Despite how well I felt I knew it already, my experience reading it felt both sublime and totally unique to me.

I'm excited or fall. I'm no fan of the heat and fall in Maine is glorious.

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I just woke up and read the Affleck news. I'm so glad I saw your comment because I agree -- he's all wrong. I would rather see a lesser known actor, someone more slight in frame, and younger. But NOT Ryan Gosling who was overexposed in past year IMO. I loved the first half of Gone Girl and felt let down completely by the ending. I think a good film adaptation could actually improve the book.

Also... reviews. UGH. So hard to find the time. :)

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Great post, and thank you for ending on a such a positive note. MOST authors not only bring us wonderful stories, but treat readers with respect. I'm sorry it's the bad apples who get all of the attention.

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I love this post. I was so saddened by the blogger v librarian thing. On 95% of issues, especially promoting a culture of literacy, as you say, we are on the same side, and I felt that was forgotten at times.

I also love this: "There is a persistent culture of consumerism in book blogging that is exhausting and draining and detrimental the greater work of nurturing and cultivating a love for reading."

I try very hard not to let it influence me, but being in this community means being barraged at all times with info about new and upcoming releases. Which is wonderful but has a draining side as well.

Anyway, thanks for another wonderful post.

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Thanks for this review. Like AnotherWorld, I don't see the narrative of the relationship with Carl as problematic. Like you, I had major problems with JT's non-portrayal, an with Kitty's decision-making, and with the two appropriations.

BTW, the "assassin's" name is Cormac, not Connor.

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Congratulations Amy! I'm so glad I found your blog! May you have many more years of blogging joy.

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Great post Amy. I liked Carolyn Kellogg's point by point response a lot ( You are very charitable to Ms. Milller. Thanks for helping me see her column in a different way.