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I love him with all my heart. freaking genius.

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Shannon I love this. This part blew me away "I don’t know about you, but I can physically feel a difference in my body, as if a weight has been lifted, when I change my perspective to gratitude. The tension, anxiety and depression begin to lessen, and I am at peace." I have been sick with anxiety literally for 14 months. I feel alone and forgotten. But I know, when I'm honest, my perspective has everything to do with that feeling. The truth of Christ doesn't change just because I've been stuck in a circumstance I don't enjoy for over a year. Thank you for writing this (from New York!). Again, you've encouraged my heart. I'm so grateful for you and how the Lord uses you in my world. - Jennifer Wells

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Beautiful post. Thankful for a God who is near and who makes beauty from ashes.

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Thank you for your beautiful post - I love it when the church joins together to make a difference in the lives of people. We gave to the project and are thrilled to be a small part.

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You have NO idea how this spoke to me today. Love you girl. So grateful for you.

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10 lives. Thanks for the opportunity!

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Yay Sue -I had to actually change my just turned THREE year-old's diaper in the middle of reading - and now I can rejoice because THIS TOO WILL END and she will grow! No seriously - loved this. I share your story of running and being a baby far too long. Thankful for a God who doesn't leave us stunted - but who woos us and draws us and grows us in Him. Love you. Thank you for who you are. Jen