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Quite so. I'd bet there will be a fair lineup of Weird Al PMVs leading up to the episode.

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Derpy?: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/20629928/S4De...
My theory is that they "derped" Derpy... or Derpy wanted to dye her hair for this episode. Still the same bubble butt, still a gray mare. Maybe this shot wasn't the perfect one to use, but it was what i randomly spotted on my second viewing.

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Princess Kenny! I guess there were some other things too... like a Carebear... a naked barbie doll... that MLP pony looking thing... but yeah. Japan animation Princess Kenny was really awesome.

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What part exactly was mocking the fandom? I would say "Be more open-minded about the whole thing," and then you'll find this funny. If you're taking offense to this in some way, there's probably something wrong with you. (Satire: This is almost exactly what a brony would say to a brony hater)

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If this was what is to come, I would just write it off as just a kids show. I don't know. I wouldn't watch it, or have any interest in it. Actually, I don't have any interest in it right now either. It just doesn't have the same effort that FiM had.

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I wear my work uniform, but I also usually wear one of my MLP pins that I got from conventions. They don't seem to mind it. Sometimes I get asked about it, but I usually just admit that I do watch the show, and like MLP. No sense denying it if I'm wearing it proudly on my uniform.

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But I live in BC...

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This was pretty hilarious. I don't know why people are so butthurt. Perhaps it's a little mean, but really, aren't we man enough to basically poke fun at our own selves?

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Did no one notice the lack of horn? She's a mud pony. Then again, that's still not enough.

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I would admit, that Resume WOULD stand out the most, but for all the wrong reasons. They could have posted their own artwork on it instead of recolouring ponies, and slapping it on as if it's their own work. It doesn't seem all that credible, TBH. Hell, it could even have been original characters with original ideas, but apparently using already drawn ponies seemed to be their thing. I'm too distracted by all the colourful vomit to see what this person is truly about. I would not employ.