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Good encouragement here. I have this conversation almost daily with my 9 year old, but I do recognize it in myself as well. I'll never forget a phrase I read years ago in a blog post (and I can't even tell you where I saw it), but the crux of it was that the Western church is "educated beyond her obedience." That resonated so deeply because often we value our knowledge of theology over the practical living application of these truths. It's a process, but I want the living application! Thanks Kari.
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Too true, Kari. I think it's like a drug or even an idol. Busyness will consume us if we allow it to, and it may or may not get anything truly accomplished because the only real goal is appear busy or stay busy. There are seasons of busyness (like now with our kids and the end of the school year), but that's not how we live our lives. This is something I've had to learn over the last years and something I need reminders about--so thank you for today's reminder. :)

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I like it. Great reminders. I never played baseball other than with my siblings in our yard, but I think you're right, every sport can provide excellent opportunities for character building. Lessons all around us if we pay attention! Thank you, Kari.
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Kari, I needed this reminder today. We so often want to reach out and attempt to control the change, but if we can simply trust our immovable, unshakeable God, He provides the stability we crave. Breathing deeply, taking it in. Thanks.
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Kari, this is very good. We have two special needs adopted siblings, but their reaction/responses to things is quite different and they have trouble understanding in different areas. We've followed a similar line of questioning and discussion, but sadly not always. It's so beneficial! Great reminder. Oh and I'm constantly amazed how our son who came to us at 15 months old still struggles and deals with things in his past he cannot even remember. It's humbling. It's frustrating. But we all rely on His grace! Thanks Kari.

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This is wonderful, and I love his connection between humility and confidence. So many people link humility to being unsure of yourself or confidence to arrogance. As he states, you can do whatever task you're given because you're confident of your abilities and contributing to the greater good. Awesome! Thanks Kari. :)
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That is fascinating. I knew some of this, but it's very interesting to see a broader picture. As to your question, I love that these kings were overjoyed at seeing the star. They had faith--not because they had seen the fulfillment but they recognized the promise and went after it wholeheartedly. That's such a meaningful thing to me. Thanks Kari!

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Oh that's funny (mostly because it's not me it's happening to). :) We rarely used tinsel when I was growing up and it was never a conscious decision not to use it now but we don't. However, I would be annoyed by the mess I can assure you, and my wife would do things like you're doing! Ha! There has to be some playfulness in a healthy marriage. Merry Christmas, Kari!

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Great points and I like that you bring out that watchmen have no control over what happens after they report. That's what being submitted to leaders and submitted to God is all about. We share what we see and trust God with the results. Of course, some carry this to extreme degrees and perpetrate spiritual or emotional abuse, but that's no reason not to find the truth in submission and being a watchman. Thanks Kari--very thoughtful post as always!

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It is remarkable that without a Barnabas there would not have been a fully-realized Paul. That encouragement is vital to each of us and we can in turn offer it to others. Awesome! Whether we fully appreciate it or not, God set it up this way for a reason. Good stuff, Kari! :) Thank you.