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Super late to the conversation (SEVEN YEARS) but I just wanted to drop my 2c here: it isn't Angel buying Cordelia's friendship, it's a way of acknowledging specifically how he hurt her and why it hurt. "You gave away my clothes" isn't about the clothes--it's about what they represent, and what giving them away represented about Angel's take on their friendship. Angel can't give Cordelia her clothes back, meaning he can't ever undo the damage he did, but he can get her new clothes, which represents him attempting to rebuild that friendship in earnest. Also, I think he's speaking to Cordelia's love language.

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This is SUPER late but omfg Donny Maclay?? Is literally Malcolm the comatose (naq yngre gur haqrnq qvegl njshy nffubyr) cop from the first season of Lucifer. Also the demon lady reminds me so much of Supernatural's Abaddon that I'm just going to call her that for now. Also, "you have the cutest little suppurating sores! has anyone ever told you that?"

Also, more seriously, Tara's dad gives me a lesser form of the same vibes my elementary school friend's dad did. That kind of superior, self-important, creepy, misogynist preacher kind of vibe. I really, really didn't like that guy.

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Old post, but I'm just now starting BTVS and omg this episode. THIS. FUCKING. EPISODE. IT SCARES THE SHIT OUT OF ME BECAUSE, AS A 16 YEAR OLD WHO ATTENDS PUBLIC HIGH SCHOOL... yeah no. I could actually see this happening with certain students I know. And it's terrifying.

But I was really upset with the zookeeper reveal mostly because he had great chemistry with Giles and I really want Giles to have a nice boyfriend. (No clue why, but I pegged Giles as at least biromantic right away.)

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This is my new favorite (new) Doctor Who episode.

But what I find creepy is Idris!TARDIS' line about the corpses of her dead sisters. What the Doctor did to make the makeshift TARDIS... to his TARDIS, that exactly like what the House was doing, wasn't it? Stitching together old parts from corpses to make something new and working.

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I cry every fucking time I watch this episode. Like, turn on the waterworks! TENNANT!!!
And then... "I'm a girl! No... I'm not a girl..." And then I break my lungs laughing at Matt Smith. I love Matt Smith.

I hate how they pulled a Pair the Spares on Martha and Mickey, but OH MY GOD THEY ARE SO FUCKING GORGEOUS TOGETHER and probably have a total ass-kickin' relationship off screen so yeah.

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I'm recommending The Five Doctors again.

You get a good taste of the Time Lords, the first five Doctors, Ainley!Master, and a good few of their companions (including the Brigadier). It's funny at times and has that very, very Old Series feel to it.

I'm not sure if it's on Netflix, though (I own the two-disc special edition).

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"Wish" is a very angry NIN song.

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Mark, I drew an image of Haymitch sitting in his room, drinking something out of a bottle, flipping the bird and listening to "Wish" really loud. What does this mean?

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The DNA thingy worked because the Doctor reversed the polarity of the neutron flow, duhh.

(this is not my favorite Dalek episode)

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Second the Tortall books! I started with Protector of the Small and moved on to Lioness. Alanna and Kel are two of my favourite female characters ever.