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Wait, June 13? That means we're going to have a 2 week dry spell from then to now.

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I'm guessing that even though it has the "Rainbow Rocks" tag line on it that these are suppose to be part of those series of shorts that lead into "Friendship Games" what with SS's new design. That or adaptations of the book 'Sunset Shimmer's Time to Shine" especially with that whole fire wings thing ( Which if she does not use that in "Friendship Games" I will be very disappointed. Also hair is too light ).

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TellTale, Wayforward's A Team, or Platinum.

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So from what I got from this trailer is that Sweetie Belle might get her Cutie Mark this Season, and my guess of what they meant about the map doing more if someone with powerful magic uses it is that it can physically affect the world.

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Se wasn't shocked that she could understand them she was shocked that they were talking-talking.

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The way I see it the comics are canon to the show just like Equestria Girls is, it's just that like Equestria Girls the comics will not have any affect to the shows story-lines. At most maybe a nod to it here and there in the background.

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Eh, I still see it as until the show does something that completely contradicts the comics ( Ex. Luna has a different pet then a possum ) then I still see the comics as soft-canon, its just that the comics don't affect the show. Like EqG, it happened, it just doesn't affect the show.

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Part of me now wishes that in EQG 3 he pulls a Willy from classic Simpsons. "Grease me up woman!"

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Huh, kinda looks like that "Sunset Shimmer's Time to Shine" toy that was released a few months back. Depending on human Twi's moral alignment I wonder if we will see a Sunset vs. Evil Twilight battle.

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New character either villain, unimportant background character ( like Photo Finish's band mates ).