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She didn't just badmouth Mar, she then spent ages trashing her to random mutual friends and obsessively hating her to anyone who would listen. You think that shit doesn't get around?

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Hanna was also a giant piece of shit to her in their last interaction and needs to actually apologize or *something* like... not even to *deserve* Mar forgiving her, but even to indicate that she wants such. Mar has no reason to assume Hanna wants to reconcile, much less to do so unilaterally.

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Wait is America Jones a ghost, or

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Have we talked about how adorably Miyazaki Eve's outfit is

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The top thing Marigold is needing to communicate about is figuring out how to communicate and be honest with others and herself about her own needs and wants. She spends too much time trying to perform as this perfect person for other people. So while yeah, the underlying problem isn't Jane smoking, I don't think that's really the point Jane is getting at here.

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I mean Mar's reaction was over the top here, but it's also not based on nothing, Jane needs to recognize and be supportive of the fact that Marigold is trying to quit smoking.

But obviously that wasn't the core issue here, she recognized that, and stuck around to figure out what was actually going on.

I think it shows a nice progression in our cast learning how to deal with things. Contrast with Will who would have insta-noped out of there during his relationship with Marigold.

I said this elsewhere, but I think this arc is really characterized by Malek's mom's comment to Eve- "It's hard work, with love. Making it work." Jane has had this intense romantic view of love, she wants to fall in love whole-heartedly but doesn't really know about the making it work part. Marigold's problem is wearing a mask and faking it. She's not honest with herself or with other people. And this exchange is amazing and I <3 because we see both of them working on that.

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How serendipitous

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Yeah, I think what the switch back to Hannah/Marek helped establish is that we're still basically in the same long arc storywise that started with Marek's graduation. And having recently done the re-read one of the things that struck me poignantly was the bit where Marek's parents are talking to Eve and his mom says, "It's hard work, with love. Making it work." Which I feel is kind of a theme here.

Like they even explicitly talk about the "easy part" earlier. But Jane in particular doesn't understand that really; she was just telling Eve how effortless it all felt, which was a big trouble sign. Like Jane is this big romantic who wants to fall in love passionately and whole-heartedly, but she doesn't really know or anticipate all the nitty gritty work involved in actually making it work long term.

Mari is sort of the opposite. She is very hard-working. Her problem is being honest, with herself or others. She keeps her head down, compromises, wears this mask, bottles up her emotions.

I am fairly confident however that this arc involves them being together in the long term, both because it would be somewhat repetitive thematically and also because c'mon the ship's too perfectly named not to be destined.

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I somehow forgot how much I had enjoyed the Saga of Victor.

I hope that the end-game of this comic is just everything continues to get worse and worse and characters hate each other and their relationships are falling apart and then Victor shows back up and fixes everything with a few panels of his silent non-judgmental muffin eating powers. Cue credit music.

~/Everybody's in despair, every girl and boy/ But when Vic the Ukrainian gets in/ Everybody's gonna jump for joy/~

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Just doing the re-read and need to mention that I am going to be stealing "If I had a nickel for how dumb we are, I'd have a dumb nickel" for future conversations.