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Yeah, I definitely get a sub kind of vibe from him.

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Yes, abortion is sometimes necessary for medical reasons. Pretty much every ob/gyn will learn how to do the D&C procedure (which is used for first trimester abortions) regardless, though some will choose not to provide "elective" abortions. They can still learn the procedure because the same one is used for people that miscarry but whose pregnancy stays in the uterus, or for people who have placenta left behind after delivering a baby, or in order to get a sample of the lining of the uterus for various reasons.

A note- the article kind of mixes up med students with residents. Not al med students will see abortion procedures but every OB/GYN resident will learn how to do a D&C.

Your Friendly Neighborhood OB/GYN Intern

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Amazing. I want to picture her responding to him directly à la rap battle or slam poetry and the entire audience going "OOOOOOOOHHH" when she's done.

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Wonderful piece. I went to Brown as well and have a close friend struggling with chronic illnesses so this really touched my heart.

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I am excited to hopefully live in the burbs for the rest of my life! Hoping I like my new apartment enough to stay there for a few years and then look to buy the next time I move, which will be a new stressful mess I'm sure. Re: broker vs. agent, I think technically brokers have extra training but I basically use the terms interchangeably especially when we're talking rentals.

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UGH RENTAL AGENTS. This article came at a wonderful time- right after I signed a lease on my new place. I'm moving from Boston to western Massachusetts and in Boston rental agencies are all over the place and I figured it would take some stress off of finding a place in a new area. I attempted to work with two rental agents on my fantastical housing journey this time. My job will take basically all of my free time away so I told rental agent #1 that ABSOLUTE musts included laundry in the building, that I was down for any conveniences possible (dishwasher, etc.), and that my price range was $X. She interpreted this to mean that what I actually wanted was "New England charm" and proceeded to show us places that didn't fit the description and were either $X+200 or $x-200 one of which was a 4th floor walk up in a building reminiscent of a prison. When we talked at the end of that day and I clarified what I wanted, she told me she'd pick out some places that fit the bill and then proceeded to disappear for 2 weeks and then send me 40 places for me to sort through, aka what I could do on my own with craigslist. I politely fired her.

Rental agent the 2nd occurred because they posted a craigslist ad for a place and I figured I may as well see a few properties with the same person. This dude proceeded to hate on the property I really wanted to look at to the extent that he talked me out of it (which in retrospect was okay as I like the place I ended up with but dude was getting real racist about it being in a "sketchy town where he doesn't even want to drive through").

I ended up renting a cheaper and nicer place with a person who I found through work and am so relieved to not be hunting anymore as I was driving back and forth several times per week (3 hr round trip) and I was about to lose it.

Well that was a nice diatribe. I'm posting from my phone so it's probably riddled with typos but whatevs. Toasties hopefully understand my struggle.

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I'm a med student going into OB/GYN. A few months back, a lady came in to labor and delivery near full term and her baby was breech. The plan was to do an external cephalic version (basically the docs try to turn the baby head-down by pushing/massaging the uterus from the outside). The woman decided that she wanted to wait a few hours and plan music into her vagina to see if that would get the baby to flip on its own.
Spoiler alert: it didn't.
Why the woman didn't play vagina music at home before this (scheduled) procedure rather than sitting in a windowless room in the hospital to do so, I do not know. To be fair, external cephalic version sucks to go through (and doesn't always work) but you gotta have all your baby-flipping attempts out of the way before you head to the hospital!

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Awesome piece! I will be an OB/GYN next year as well. Right now I'm working in/rotating through the NICU and I'm sad because we've had no new deliveries to attend for a week or so. I shared the article from the other day on lactation with the doctors and NPs there.

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You shouldn't speak of them at all, it only encourages them.

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Oh hey! Just got 2 kittens this week, a sister (Vin) and brother (Sazed). They are adorable and ridiculous and everything is a toy. They helped me type my original comment and then accidentally deleted it.