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I was about to make a contribution. However, since my perfectly reasonable and very academic comment has been deleted, I wont be making any contribution, nor will I be reading at nor recommending via my other social media this site.
This is pure censorship of opinion. I was trying to explain why use of the world Eurasia is dangerous to Russia - and it's been removed. I can only assume ICH is fake Alt Med.

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Well said - I agree completely. I spent half my working life as scientist - and I now how to spot a scientific fraud pretty quickly.
Read who wrote the terms of reference for the IPCC, and you see how they were virtually directed in what they could say. Read the way numbers, words and "results" have been manipulated. Read about the University of Essex emails, exposing the fraud.
But you and I will get "voted down" for this, sadly the story has as big a following as "Snow White" and Father Christmas combined - and by similar aged IQ's.

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There is a fact which these guys seem to be overlooking.
Studies - good ones - have shown, that to get change you need an idea to be taken up by no more than 10% of the community.
I dont just mean, half heartedly agreed with, but taen to heart with a passion.
If you dont' get that 10%, then you can go on forever wishing and hoping, writing and writhing. You'll get no-where.
But get that 10% and you reach the Critical Mass Tipping point, and after that, the organisation will pretty much look after itself. People will self organise - all complex entities from molecules up to social groups are driven to self organise - if you leave them alone to do as they see fit.
But you have to concentrate on getting that 10%.
After that, the growth is more than exponential - it's sudden and explosive. .

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"A glaring giveaway that these overlapping sanctions on Russia and China are all about the good old Brzezinski fear of Eurasia"

Well, at least this writer is finally acknowledging that the term he keeps using - "Eurasia" - is a borrowed construct from the arch Russophobe, Zbigniew Brzezinski.

I've been trying to ages to get people to wake up to this - that using that term is dangerous for Russia. It's a perception manipulation tool to eradicate the concept of Russia from people's minds.
To start with, American maps label "Asia" as going from the Orient to the Russia / Scandinavian border, i.e. that Russian people as the same people as Orientals are. this was pushed as far back as the 1600's in France, which rejected incorporating Russia into the concept of "Europe" on the grounds that they were as different from Europeans as Chinese, and in fact were themselves "Orientals".
We know, of course now from DNA studies, that the Slavic people are not Oriental, they are Caucasian. There are differences between them and Europeans, as evidenced by the Y chromosome haploid group, but they are Caucasian. They are NOT "Asian" as Orientals, with a very different genotype are.

But this insidious attempt to eradicate Russia is working and spreading, and largely because Russia has let it. I see the Encyclopaedia Britannica [American publication] has renamed the Russian Steppes the European Steppes and obliterated the word "Taiga" on the grounds that "it's just a Russian word for wood".
America, via it's vassal, "Europe" is trying to grasp Russia by "invasion by language and mind control."
Mind control as in perception management. I see European School texts for Geography actually show a "map" of Europe which goes to the Russian Ural Mountains - presenting this as an unarguable fact, when it's nothing but word usage, subjective and manipulative. It has no objective basis what so ever.

How far is this spreading?? I recently read a paper about the Denisovan people, recently discovered and named for the cave in which the first bones were found. This cave is in Southern Siberia, Russia. That these people spread far and wide and probably contributed more to the Caucasian race than ever imagined is just being realised.
However, the entire paper managed to talk about these early Russians without once mentioning the world "Russia". The writer refers only to "Southern Siberia, Central and Northern Asia". In fact the entire excavation and investigation has taken place in Russia, and shows Russians as early progenitors of modern man. But the archaeologist managed to not mention Russia once.
And that, my friends, is how it's done. Drop by drop by drop you can wear away a stone. And drop by drop by drop they are wearing away the concept of Russia - issuing maps, pseudo geography and forcing use of the world Asia - which Pepe Escobar has himself been doing for a long time. Given that Escobar's audience is English speaking Westerners, this man does more harm than most to Russia's attempts to retain her sovereignty in a globalised world.
For this reason, I almost never read him and wont recommend him.

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Once again, an Anglo writer who things America = The World.
Russia, I would bet my bottom dollar, is prepared.
Here in Ecuador, the saying is "all this modern stuff is all very nice. But we still have what we had, and if we lose all the new introduced American stuff, we still have our seas to fish, our land to produce rice and bananas, our highlands to produce cattle, with milk, cheese and our many homes with productive gardens. We'll survive".

America wont survive [hopefully, at least not as it is], but much of the rest of the world will.

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Andre has seen too much up close. It does lead to despair - it's a dangerous thing to do. One has to remember, that when you look into the abyss, it's looking back at you.

This is the natural apotheosis of the Age of Empire, the Age of Violence, the Iron Yuga of Hinduism.

For thousands of years, across india, the back of Burma and China, Europe and UK, people lived in small villages. They lived in groups of few more than 300 adults. They sorted themselves so that like drew close to like. Those "black sheep" who didn't fit tended to leave and find somewhere more to their liking. It was a time of great stability, which means few choices. People lived as their fore fathers had. The son of the blacksmith became the next blacksmith. There was peace and happiness. The first people to invade India talked of it's riches, the huge amount of food for everyone, the peace and plenty for all. They ruled themselves, each village with it's elected "panchayat" which comes from an Indian word for "5". Five elders, who held meetings where everyone got to discuss things, and what had to be done was thrashed out. And this worked everywhere for thousands of years.
But the Cycle turned. Everything in the Universe is part of a Cycle, and they all, always, are constantly turning.
A psychopath called Sargan arose and invaded his neighbours. Other neighbours took fright and organised defence methods. The modern age was begun. It was to last, as do most of the Yuga's, for close to 5 thousand years.
It has led to great growth of one kind of technology, although we still dont know how the previous technologies worked. We still cant build pyramids, or transport huge blocks of stone cut to perfection across mountain tops. Our technology isn't the only one, although we like to kid ourselves it is. But it is one. We are developing others. But we grew in numbers, we aggregated into increasingly huge communities which we had no idea how to handle, and out of this came predatory capitalism, the realisation of the possibility of riches beyond measure of imagination, the desire to control others. This has led inevitably to the close copy of psychopathy, which is learned, or taught psychopathy, called sociopathy.
It has grown from the small Empire of Sargan, to the biggest an Empire can be, which is to control the entire world. That has been the Anglo Empire first from Europe then the English and now the English derived American Fascist Empire.
It is the most violent, depraved, psychopathic, evil Empire of them all.
But it is falling, as it must, and with it the entire Age of Empire. Already, the beginnings of multi-polar world are starting.
It will take time, but it is on an inevitable trajectory.
Things get learned - and from the horror of the Fascist Anglo Empire much will be learned, and people will be better for it.
It is also an Age of Chaos, but Chaos is only another word for a situation of many choices - and that is what we are developing now - many alternatives, many choices.
And in this there is great hope for the people of tomorrow - and this is the hope that Andre must learn to find.

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Then you damn yourself. Since I assume you are human, then it is in your nature to wage war.
So -- stay the hell away from me. Because perhaps that means I am not human, for it is certainly not in my nature to "wage war".
It's YOUR acceptance of this appalling lie that perpetrates, that enhances it, that makes it acceptable.
And for that, you should be damned.
Oh - and go read Gregory Samms. Go read of the many thousands of years before the arising of a psychopath out of Mesopotamia abut 4000 yrs ago, and the beginning of this Age of Empire. Because for many thousands of years, before the advent of the idea of mass government control, of mass indoctrination and living in cities of thousands, let alone millions, people in villages all over the world lived in peace and stability.
And they were humans too.

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Another pointless article.
The writer is doing what all other writers are doing re the Skripal Incident - helping to promote it, even while seeming to question it.
What actual FACTS do we have, things we all can be about 80% sure of?
There are two people, Papa and daughter, called Skripal.
Papa was a "turned" Russian who became a spy for Britain.
He betrayed his countrymen, many undercover agents, to the British.
He was caught in Russia, convicted in open court, sentenced to 13 yrs in a Russian prison, served 5 and was released as part of a a standard, routine, "spy swap" going to the UK to live.
He lived on the same street as his British handler. He seems to have gained his income from continuing to work for UK secret services {i.e. SS}.
His daughter came to visit on the anniversary of her mothers' death, and they visited her grave together. This is standard Russian behaviour.
They were seen and photographed having a meal in a restaurant in Salisbury, and then walking in a park.
Then they disappeared.
The girl, Yulia, gave a highly controlled, written for her, speech which was televised.
The rest is fairy tale.
Whether any poison, or any drug in fact, was use, is unknown.
Whether their lives were in any danger, is unknown.
Where they are now is unknown.
Why the UK has broken several international laws in this matter is unknown.
To try to speculate about how or why Russia did this or that, or who Bellingcat is, or anything else, is like speculating on why Father Christmas employs gnomes, and why Mrs. Christmas doesn't go on his deliveries, and how come he gives rich kids expensive toys and poor kids crap.
It's a stupid, pointless waste of time, but it's also more.
Because it lends credence to the lies and fairy tales the UK Government has been telling.
Speculating on the "use of Novichok" gives credence to the claim that there was, in fact, any Novichok, when in fact we have been given not one iota of evidence.
Speculating on the claims of who the two Russians are gives credence to the claims that they are GRU agents who tried to kill the Skripals, when in fact not one iota of evidence has been presented and it is so far just another fairy tale.
The only honest way to handle this is to make it public that so far this is merely the standard disappearance and fake news common to all Fascist Regimes, and not more can be said.

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I have been trying to point out for some time now, the presence of evidence that those we are allowing to control us - the State, whether Covert [Deep] or Overt [Congress etc], know that we are the ones with the power.
The terrible, awful irony is that it is the people themselves, it is we, who dont know it.
Just think. At most there are no more than a few hundred thousand of them, and probably less. They are barely 0.1% of the community. And NO - they are NOT "elites".
"Elites are the cream of the cream, the are the very best a society can offer. Those soldiers who, in Russia, make it through rigorous selection on many levels to be the Presidential Guard, the Spetznatz, are the top, best of soldiery, therefor they are "elite".
The Fascist Regime scum ruling America - and it's vassals - are not elite, they are the opposite. They are Aristocrats. Aristocrats of Power, Privilege, and Pull.
But they are few, also. And they know this.
Why does anything think they pull off "False Flags"??
Why do they tell lies, like the increasingly stupid, disbelieved UK Government and it's Skripal Saga?
Why does the American Government use it's Corporate Media Propaganda Arm to lie, lie, lie, manipulate, perception manage, the people? Why did a CIA chief say "We will have achieved our aims when every single thing the people believe is a lie"?
They do it because they know that, in America, 330 million people is a whole heap more than a few thousand.
They do it because the one thing they fear - and it's the only thing they fear - is the people rising up.
They fear looking out of their windows and seeing a sea of angry, grim, determined faces, waving their pitchforks and torches. And knowing that, even if some fall to bullets as they rush, nothing can stop them ultimately succeeding. And indeed, they realise, that the cowards and bullies they employ to protect them, the Police and Domestic Forces, just might turn against them, and be with the people. They know the protectors aren't there out of love for them - they are there for their own benefit.
So they work to keep the people in the darkness, unaware of their immense power to put a stop to all this.
All it takes is for you all to wake up.
The world needs you to, because the rest of us aren't in America. We cannot vote, we cannot be part of the street revolution you so badly need.
And we also know that if you do not seize the chance to fix America yourselves, the rest of the world will have to do it for you.
Which will mean bombing you out of existence.
So use the power the Aristocrats know you have and that they fear. The power of your numbers, determination, and courage.
And start to fight back together.

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I"m afraid that America is not "on the road to becoming". It's arrived.
I've been saying for some time now that America is a Fascist Empire. There was a nice study done by Dr. Lawrence Britt, who studied the nations accepted as Fascist during the 20C. He found a common 14 points of which Fascist nations showed most of the characteristics.
Well., America ticks 13 boxes, and the 14th [religion] is open to debate.
But if you examine the common characteristics, you can see that America is now, and has been for some time, a Fascist Empire.
It's the failure of Americans and the rest of the world to acknowledge this, to come right out and say it, which is holding us all back from attacking it as we need to.
Until we are prepared to look facts in the face and name them, we can't being to make a start on working out what we're going to do about it. .