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Sadly, the people of UK are totally brainwashed. When this good news was reported - in a very tiny article that was totally without context, or the reasons given for what drove this young heroine to take the action she did, the comments following it were horrifying in their vitriol. Totally supportive of the "valiant Israeli soldiers" most recommended she get 10 yrs to life, and then thrown out of Palestine!! Not one word spoke to truth, nor to admiration or defence of her. My own comment was censored.

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True Mr. Kellog, but it is not the Washington Fascist Powers who join up and go fight and kill brown people who have never harmed them. In the name of making a buck, because jobs are scarce, you have an awful lot of people who think killing someone to make a living is an OK thing to do.
Where I live there are many American ex-pats. They've drank the Kool-Aid. They are rude and insulting on FB discussions when I try to point out the truth about Russia: that she is no threat to American, that the "Russiagate" hacking furphy is a Democratic lie - I get told they can't be bothered talking to someone who doesn't know any "facts" and so forth. Everything they spiel is an acceptance of all the garbage CNN and the like have fed them. And they post profiles of having University degrees etc etc.
No group of power mongers can do all this alone. To bring the utter destruction and disaster and death to the long, long, list of countries that the Fascist Empire has, takes millions of people.
And all of those, every one is a volunteer. No-one put a gun to their heads to make them. They chose to do it.
Moreover, all those good, decent people you talk of -- when were they last in the streets demonstrating and calling for an end to wars?? When were there any signs of civil protest??
I know a young man, 18 yrs old, the American born son of Honduras / Ecuadorean parents. He wants to be an airline pilot, but the cost of training is huge and they are poor people. Everyone in America that they knew while still there said "join the Air Force. They train you for nothing - then go into civil aviation. It's what everyone does".
And he retorted - "and then go and kill people? People who are no harm to me?? No - I'll find a way. I'll get a scholarship, something. But I wont go kill people"

See the difference?

If he can do that, why not Americans???
If they wont raise a hand, each and every one of them, to stop the wars, to refuse to go "die in the warm sands", then they deserve everything they will get.

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I find it bit odd that Presidents Putin and Trump have a one-on-one "secret" meeting attending by no-one with contents reported to no-one ---- and Mr. Fisk knows what they said!!

so much of our opinions and expectations of events in the world are inflamed by mere speculation and guess work - they really aren't worth bothering with

I'll be watching, observing, looking at outcomes, and forming my own conclusions.

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"If the Russian government does not understand that Washington’s policy in the Middle East is determined by Israel, the Russian government is out to lunch."

This utterly arrogant phrase is one reason I rarely read much of PCR any more. It's redolent of the "Western White Man very intelligent, Russian's very stupid" attitude that has been a marked attribute of the English and their offspring, the American and other 5-eyes people, for a few hundred years now. Russians are "savages", Russians are cave-men" and uncivilised, untutored and nothing but drunken louts.

President Putin is a highly intelligent, highly trained, educated and widely read man. He has spent his entire life since leaving University aged 23, [43 yrs ago] learning to understand, predict, and fight the American Ruling Regime.
What, in the name of God, makes PCR think he knows better? That if he knows something, Russian leadership with it's extensive Intel of which he knows nothing, does not also know it?.
I am not fearful for Russian dignity here; - I can see that President Putin has his own, Russian, way of doing things - not the American way. PCR would have gung-ho belligerence; Putin remains controlled, calm, thoughtful and patient. But PCR still maintains that outlook about Russia. He has no understanding of Russian subtlety, nuanced reactions and deeper insight.
That this attitude of his is shared largely by his co-aristocrats of American culture is the concern. It's an attitude that has them unable to grasp that Russia has indeed beaten them in the military hardware stakes, that Russia's influence world wide is growing as America's is shrinking, and in this failure to see Russia as highly intelligent could lead to another stupid war.
Try changing your mindset to Russia PCR, and try informing and educating your own people before it's too late.

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All these writers make a mistake which causes tension for innocent people. The British didn't do the things they are accused of here, there is NO "British" at the back of the Washington Empire. They are English.
There are three peoples in the British Isles, the Cymri [Welsh], the Scots and the English. Since Lloyd George was PM over 100 yrs ago, the first true Socialist and thus much hated by the English Landed "aristocracy" and also the first and only truely bi-lingual PM [English was his second language], there has been no Cymraeg in the British Parliament there for any other reason than to represent his homeland.
I'm so sick of seeing myself and my people labelled as what the "British" have done overseas, when it has all been the English Ruling Class. Class ridden, they have made sure that all positions of power go to their own type.
It would be nice if outfits like ICH could exercise Editorial Power to make this clear to writers - maybe then I could get some sort of friendly response from the Americans I come across in the land in live in, instead of seeing the "Oh, you're British" when I speak, seeing the face close off, and getting cold shouldered from then on.

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Sad to see someone of Cohens stature having to debate with a young idiot who doesn't bother to do even a little research. He speaks like a standard CNN mouthpiece, who has never bothered to find a scrap of evidence for the crap he spiels.
What's a the point? Someone who cannot be bothered to look for evidence and do his due diligence, is no use trying to talk to even in baby talk.

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I regret to have to tell you, you will get no support from Ecuador.
From all I can tell, the Ecuadoreans dont much care: many believe that this is Assange's fight with America, nothing to do with Ecuador, and that they could use the money for something else.
There are expat Americans here spieling the usual, to be expected American MSM garbage about not defending a rapist etc etc
I know, because I posted an FB request for a turn out - I got zilch, nada.
Nobody here cares. In a land of either Yanks who dont like that Julian exposed what their beloved military in helicopters were doing to unarmed cameramen walking an Iraq street, or Ecuadoreans of, frankly, little education or vision, it's probably to be expected.
If I had the money for an airfare - I'd join you in a "V" movement.
Best of luck.

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In general, this is a good piece, ruined by one stupid, ignorant comment.

Putin shouldered the mantle of a Russia not so much circling the drain, as half way down it. It was pretty much gone in all but name. He rolled up his sleeves, and with some trusty back up, stuck his hand down the drain, stink and all, grabbed Russia by the tail, and hauled her back into the light of day.
There was one way only to do this: the President ---- who also has a Ph. D. in Economics, of whom one of his examiners at his defence of thesis said "it was one of the best defences I've heard. It was the defence of a person who really knew and understood how the market works" --- had to get Russia into International trade. To trade her best products - admittedly at that time almost her only product, oil and gas, and to start using the International Market, Loans, debt, to grow her financially so she could pay her bills, pay pensions, military and, in 2002 when Bush pulled USA out of the ABM treaty, to start to make protective equipment.
Had he not done this, not played International Capitalisms' own game, Russia would by now be gone. Too poverty struck to pay the scientists and engineers who were - still are - her future, to feed her people, she would have disappeared down the drain forever.
But you can't play big economics by nationalising everything - the sovereign risk is too high; who the blazes is ever going to come invest in your country?. At that time, he had no choice but to let the oligarchs who would play by his rules of "pay your taxes, treat your workers decently' keep their ill gotten gains. He had to do that in order to keep their money, their expertise, their International pull.
And that, Mr whatever, is a far, far cry from " He’s all in with gangster state capitalism.
He's not "all in" with any gangsters, nor with a gangster state. Russia is not a gangster state, thats America you're thinking of, where the Corporatocracy rules the country and tells the President what to do.
He is possibly building a form of capitalism without Capitalists.
Which would be all to the good, and not remotely "Gangsterism".

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A recent stunning revelation in re the Browder issue:

go to and read Dimitri's latest. He has taken part of the text from a book regarding Browder, which was offered to him for publication. He refused as he knew that unless it was re-written as a novel, the book would be suppressed. The author couldn't be bothered, submitted it elsewhere, and it was duly suppressed. However, Dmitry kept a copy and has give us a gem in this latest article of his.
Putin is set to put these guys through the wringer I suspect.

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I just posted a long and carefully constructed response to the article.
I've been told it must be approved by site admins.
I can think of no reason, as the only word you might obect was one used in the article - in fact as a direct quote.
If you send my half hour of careful work down the drain - you lose al lrespect as a free and decent site to bother with.