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I could vote for that team. Definitely. Imagine the power of the Ron Paul and Sarah Palin bases. WOW.

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I miss her, too. I'd been leaning toward Newt recently (which I find un-freakin'-believable). If Romney's the nominee, I'm writing in Sarah.

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If she runs, I get seriously involved - signs, phone calls, in-person meetings. I am ready to work for her Presidency. If not, I will support a strong conservative nominee (not Mitt).

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This is what they do not understand: Those of us who want to respect the law of the land will tell them about our guns. We'll buy them legally and we'll obtain permits to carry them. When they decide that the Second Amendment no longer applies, they will collect the guns - from the law-abiding citizens. The criminals have not and will not acquiesce to the laws. It's a bumper-sticker slogan but, "When guns are outlawed, only the outlaws will have guns."

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If we're going to be giving credit where credit is due, how about we give some credit to David Codrea at the Examiner who started reporting on this in January - and to Mike Vandeboegh who started discussing this around the same time at -

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So absolutely sad about this. I suppose Cain's my favorite now. Any of the others just mean a slower path to disaster than if 0bama was re-elected.

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"This means that officials can start checking the immigration status of any child enrolled in school. "

I live in Alabama. This should read that they are REQUIRED to verify the status.

I've returned to college after a very long break. Last semester, one of my professors gave her take on the subject. In addition to teaching Spanish to college students, she also teaches English as a second language in the elementary schools. She, flat out, said that she would NOT check the status of any of her students. She also admitted to hiring illegal immigrants when she and her husband owned a farm. I was so tempted to ask her if she was just unwilling to pay fair wages to legal workers or if she liked aiding and abetting criminals. I didn't ask. I need the degree and I need it soon. This is also why I'm very careful about challenging my atmospheric science propaganda professor on global warming.

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If I were Ford, I would have not pulled the advertisement. If the administration got nasty, I'd call a press conference (or create a new ad) and say, "After our last ad, we received a lot of pressure to pull it off the air. Well, Ford is in the business of selling cars. We don't take bailouts and we don't placate politicians. Built Ford Tough isn't just an ad slogan. We mean it."

The spike in sales would be enough to insulate them from much of the backlash.