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I can't see it . _.

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Sounds kinda racist to say Starlight gets a pass for being a pony citizen...

But I get where you are coming from, Starlight never looked like somepony who is pure evil like Tirek (Chrissy can be argued to have a blue and orange morality if you don't count the comics) but they did kill ponies (technically in Starlight's case, very implied on Discord's reign) and they did enslave them (Starlight held a 1984 esque town and Discord pretty much ruled for who knows how long making everypony miserable).

About the next point you make you could say Starlight deserved forgiveness way more than Discord did back in the day since she technically was stopped before anything drastic actually happened but if we were by that route so would Cheeselegs since she got blasted before the changelings actually got to feed from Canterlot. Tirek also never got to kill anything besides a bunch of trees (he didn't get the chance :u).

But that's besides the point, what I was trying to say is that defeating an enemy isn't any less valid than reasoning with them and reforming them, people keep throwing "Friendship is Magic" as if the people who don't dig Starlight's turn were some sort of cynical jerks who want to watch Equestria burn and can't understand the show's message. Which I can't agree with since both solutions seem like a valid conclusion depending on how an individual might think of the villain in question...


... And now I'm realizing I also forgot to mention the Crystal Empire (and right now the comics are addressing that one), tho I really didn't like that episode so I guess I can see why it didn't come to my head at the moment.

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So according to this logic Return of Harmony, A Canterlot Wedding and Twilight's Kingdom all sucked because the bad guy got blasted?

Were those endings too unfriendly to you? Because I know the reason behind most of them also showed that friendship was a powerful thing and that the bond between the characters could triumph over any darkness that tried to break it.

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It's worth adding that despite both reformations being rushed as hay and neither of them leaving a good taste in my metaphorical mouth there are two key differences that separate the characters.

1) Sunset sucked as a villain, she was terrible at it, her plan made little to no sense and had holes all over the place and talked more of a pony who was driven by jealousy and pettiness rather than cunning. Starlight on the other hoof was a great villain who managed to outsmart the main characters and manipulate near everypony she met in her twisted crusade to restore harmony to Equestria and worked great as an antithesis to Twilight (something Sunset tried to be presented as, but ultimately failed at it)

2) Bacon had a whole movie (and some comics if you count them) worth of emotional beatings and hardships she had to get across to finally find her place in the group, Starlight got a montage and suddenly they are all BFFs. (or so it implies, it could easily be a similar case to the S3 ending with Twi flying but until they show us more of this in season 6 we have to judge what happened with the information we have available)

So instead of having a good addition to the main cast we got a cheap version of him/her/it, which is probably my biggest let down with this finale.

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Uhhhh.... The Ice King backstory also happened in a cartoon.

Just sayin.

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No, we already got Sunset Shimmer for the formerly evil pony walking the right path angle.

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In our utopia, everything must be of equal saturation value.

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No, that's the scroll Starlight used to cast the spell, she's breaking it so Twi can't use it to fix everything.

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Can't wait to see her cameo on episode 32!


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I feel you! I feel you deeply!

Your feeling I can feel deeply.