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To offer a male opinion, first off I'm surprised (well not really) that Lala's mother would be willing to make her choose between her and her father that she has a close relationship with to escort her down the aisle. A present father should always walk his daughter down the aisle to "give her away to her husband", It's the last formal gesture of approval and trust given to the groom from the previous man in her life. Her mom can be the bridesmaid if it's that serious.

As far as the topic of discussion goes, It has always been said that you are a product of your environment. If you hang around (not associate, but hang around) with women in rocky, unstable, marriages you will eventually inherit that energy and take it home to yours. She definitely shouldn't even begin to fathom taking advice from Kelly Rowland, Kim Kardasian, Ciara, and most importantly her mother. I'm sure she isn't as wild as them, she doesn't appear to be "Doin it for TV"

With all this said, the reality is people need to balance their lives according to their relationship status and put the egos aside. If you see that your circle isn't an asset to your family or even your life then they need to be 86'ed.