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Speaking of "a line" where do you draw yours? Mine is at sentience. Yours apparently is at humans... So if you had the choice to save a Ted Bundy or a Hitler or an innocent dog --- Your dog perhaps --- You'd opt to save the man. Yes?

You're right that we all contribute to the demise of the planet to degrees. And yes, we all ought to curb our appetite for consuming those things that cause the most harm... It's difficult for most people to get to a job that's 20 miles away without using fossil fuels --- It's super easy to substitute plant based foods for the ones that cause blood shed. Plus let's face it - In the long run you're most likely to improve your own health in the process. It's a win/win as far as I see it! ;)

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There's a lot of things that bring us momentary physical pleasure yet we don't do them because of the long lasting negative consequences to others. I can think of rape and robbery as two instances... I'm sure both bring temporary happiness to the instigator... Do you recommend doing all things using the excuse that "it feels good"?

Furthermore, there's countless items that taste delicious that don't require the harm of innocent life... Being vegan doesn't deprive anyone of anything that really matters! ;)

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And what do they do with the "unwanted" male camels? And what happens to the females when they can no longer "give" their milk?

There's nothing the human body needs that it can't get from plant based sources. Going to those sources directly, insures health, is less harmful to the environment and is certainly kinder to the camels (cows) and calves. The happy images in this article do not represent the truth about the harms involved in any dairy production and consumption.

With a fraction of fats and calories, great sources of calcium can be found in almond, rice, sunflower, hazelnut and soy milks... Most, just like dairy, are fortified with vitamin D. Calcium rich foods also include leafy greens, and a wide array of fruits, beans, grains and nuts.

To get your nutritional needs by going through another animal first seems wasteful and ill advised. Please - Stop filtering your nutrition through others first. Eat smarter, live healthier - Go Vegan.

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No one is dictating... No one is "forcing" beliefs. This is an open conversation in which the site owner determines content. They are free at any time to censor/delete anyone's comment.

I'm not expecting anyone to live up to my belief system but to live up to their own. 99.9% of us were raised to respect nonhumans - Indeed we were taught to love them. Having their child harm an animal is one of the most troubling thing a parent can face. Why do things get different as adults? Who insists that we negate our compassion? What is it about our social structure that wants to view kindness as weakness and not a strength? I'm not asking anyone to adopt my moral values --- Only to inspect their own habits and practices and be honest if they like what they see. I've seen it time and again that most people don't even realize how they've betrayed their innate sense of fairness and justice. We can do better. ;)

"The world would be a better place if more people thought for themselves instead of blindly believing what they are told to." Very wise! I agree!

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The "agreement goes as far as to acknowledge that under certain "exaggerated" conditions (like those that literally involve "life or death" for the human), and the ones that are on such an extreme .01% for the world's population - "humane" would resemble something comparable to the odds of gravity having no effect on matter. Could it ever exist? Perhaps... But the situation would have to be so removed from understood reality that the scenario becomes impractical to use as a basis to communicate to the general public about. In other words: The notion of "humane" eggs, milk or dairy is so dependent on abstract conditions that the analogy doesn't work in standard conversation and inquiry.

"I know you want to believe that there's a way to ethically "use" the body/life of someone else... It's really impossible because your (our) human desires and benefits will always out weigh their interests. Consumer goods that come from animals never has a happy ending for them... And again, there are no critical advantages to milk/eggs/meat that aren't replaceable by less harmful choices."

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Where were the chickens initially obtained from? An "egg business" where the male chicks are found? I imagine if they were rescue hens and not bought like "widget"... AND *if* they weren't killed after they no longer made eggs... AND *if* they were given the best of care while alive - (like pets) --- I imagine their might exist a "humane" eggs somewhere... But certainly only the very, very few would have access to them. That makes for a large inequity in itself.

As far as "2 hobby-farm cows" - How would they be kept impregnated? Would one be a male? His "contribution" is short-lived... It would be hard to justify "feeding/fattening" a "non-productive" cow. They eat a lot and require vet care as well... Also, eventually the female's milk will dry up - She will then need to have yet another calf... All of a sudden, it's not a "2 cow" operation at all.

I know you want to believe that there's a way to ethically "use" the body/life of someone else... It's really impossible because your (our) human desires and benefits will always out weigh their interests. Consumer goods that come from animals never has a happy ending for them... And again, there are no critical advantages to milk/eggs/meat that aren't replaceable by less harmful choices.

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It's good that you ask. Now... How much you want to know?

The "collecting" of eggs entails the procurement of and keeping of birds. Birds that came from enormous hatcheries where day-old male chicks are discarded as "waste". Millions are either smothered or macerated once their sex is deemed "profitable" or not... The equally unfortunate sister hens, no matter her circumstance is doomed for the knife as well. I don't know if any human circumstance (besides survival) could justify the harm to these little chicks...

Other innocent life that is sacrificed in the name of unnecessary human wants is cow's milk. As in the egg industry, cows on dairies don't fair too well either. As I'm sure you know, female cows must have a baby in order to lactate ("give" milk). They are impregnated artificially and carry the calf for 9 months... The bond between mother and her young is universally understood... Yet - It's the industry practice to steal the calves away, shortly after they are born. The females are kept to "replace" the herd - Their "dry" mothers and sisters are sent to the slaughterhouse meeting up with all the motherless, male calves.

That's why I don't see any "humane" or "compassionate" gesture in supporting practices that condone and economically necessitate this kind of treatment to others. These cows and chickens never did a single thing to harm me... I sure wouldn't want to be a victim of the egg or dairy/meat industry. Why would I force others to endure this fate, when I can do well without? Seems like causing the least harm to others would be the most humane and kind thing to do. Yes?

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From Webster’s New World Dictionary
Humane Hu·mane / hyoomáyn / adj. 1. having what are considered the best qualities of human beings; kind, tender, merciful, sympathetic, compassionate.

Where does the orchestrated, for profit or personal benefit, killing of healthy, sentient beings fit into the "kind" or merciful act of snuffing another from life? For fur, wool, meat, leather, eggs, or dairy there's no such thing as a "humane" way of obtaining these consumer products. It's disgusting the way our thug-culture and our bully-species attempts to pretty up the murder of others.

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I certainly hope that this family intends to give these hens a good forever home... I'd hate to think that a "humane" society or a "shelter" would adopt these hens out only to be killed once the eggs ceased to be laid. I'm sure the family will be vetted to prevent this from happening - I mean... No one would approve of handing over a cat or dog to someone for their eventual slaughter - So it's only right that the same standards would hold for the birds as well. Yes???

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"Breeding" any dogs or other beings should be against the law! There are untold numbers of innocent victims being killed because of greed! There are plenty of worthy animals waiting for a loving home. End the skin/flesh/fur trades! No one is a commodity!