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I couldn't agree more. I am one of those people who have just become disenchanted with clothing in general. Even at higher price points, there is no guarantee of quality. There is nothing more frustrating then purchasing and loving something - only to have it fall apart with normal wear/laundering. In all of 2018, I have purchased one tank top from Anthro. I am hoping the race to the bottom in the retail market reverses course at some point ... *sigh* . Thanks as always for your thoughts.

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Yeah - I still follow along - I just have a lot less to say ... and like you, I'm not staying up late on sale night, waiting to see if the dress I've been eyeing up will get its first cut. :)

Interesting regarding the SA clothing - I have been stopping by my stores a lot less and I was thinking it was just that I was less familiar with the items ... but you may be right. But honestly, the last time I went ooo, I love what you're wearing was about a male SA who had the most gorgeous shawl and he did tell me - it wasn't Anthro but an etsy seller.

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Agreed regarding the wishlists. I loved having a curated list of things and of course, the occasional popback was nice. But that deletion and removal of the wishlist was the first major departure in customer service for me.

I also think the aesthetic of Anthro now is very different than it was from 2005 - 2012 ... those years had a more refined/retro look, that's been replaced by ... I'm not even sure - more modern/boho/just shapless. And for me, the clothes no longer fit who I am, what I wear and where I wear it... is it nice to have a boho dresses for weekends and vacations - but I can't wear those to the office. I think it is fun playing with silhouettes .. but honestly, off the shoulder, crop cut, wide cut items - I don't need 30 of those looks ...

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I might have felt pretty disappointed by this action at some point in the past - but my purchases at Anthropologie are so few and far between (I've yet to buy and keep anything in 2017) that I can just merely shrug my shoulders at this.

It is disappointing that the customer service side of things seems to continue to slip - but as your post indicates the bigger issue is that Anthropologie is designing items that do not fit properly, are poorly conceived and are simply of low quality.

I was happy to see free shipping announce - and I have checked the website a few times ... but, I am to am at a point where I don't need to fill my closet - just supplement a few things and replace those which have worn out and I don't have room for anything that's not exactly what I want for both quality and fit.

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Laney - thanks for the response. I don't know why Anthropologie struggles with its website as much as it has. It seems like it is always buggy and struggling with issues that other retailers just don't seem to have. The lack of communication between what's going on with the website and CS is pretty much par for the course unfortunately. *Sigh*

I still haven't received any response to my email.

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Hi Jojo. Yeah, sorry to be such a stranger these days and apologies for the lack of reviews - I've just gotten lazy and do a lot less pop-ins to my local store to try things on.

Also generally, I shop less - in my mid and late twenties - I was building a closet - now, I am much more selective about what I buy, because my closet is pretty much at its capacity - I have much more of a "one item in and one item out" policy these days.

I do still shop at Anthropologie, - but I've moved a lot of my spending to Nordstrom, Nordstrom Rack and Amazon. Amazon is probably the biggest winner - they have a wishlist feature - carry many of the brands that Anthropologie carries (Tracy Reese, Pendleton, Frye, Sorel, Ella Moss, Velvet by Graham & Spencer, Bailey 44, Level 99, and on and on...) - I've never gotten a cancellation notice, shipping is consistent and free, returns are free ...

I've loved being able to score an amazing $9.95 Anthro item, but they just made it really difficult to shop at their store - my local store sells out of most items that are hits pretty quickly, quality and sizing are always inconsistent (that has always been the issue of sizing - but in the last few years, quality really seems to have come down) and shipping costs for ordering online are too high to justify ordering too often (I know since one year I calculated that I spent more then $400 on shipping).

I love Anthro - I'm probably been one of their biggest champions - but they've just become a disappointment for me.

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Like many, I am very frustrated that Anthropologie took action without warning - but Anthropologie isn't my go to store like it once was, so I'm a bit upset - but not heartbroken. Also of note - some of my lists were taken down to less than a 100 (one to 96 for some reason?).

I will note that the message above my list says it needs to be less than fifty items ... so the policy might not be consistent among wishlists or this could also be a sign that they're phasing out the wishlist completely in favor of the registry.

I will also be curious - if and when CS responds to comments about the wishlist debacle - I emailed yesterday morning upon discovery and so far - no response. If anyone receives ones - I'd like to hear it.

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Thanks. I'm not sure if I'm going to pull the trigger - but the swimwear with the extra 20 is a good deal.

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Shari - mainly TTS? I thought I was sitting this tag sale out, but with the 20% off that might be too much to resist.

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Shari - how is the length on the halter? I was worried it looked a bit short.