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Tetrahymena thermophila has seven distinct sexes. This increases mating opportunities to 85% during times of food shortage. When there is plenty of food around they reproduce asexually.

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You put a lot of care into your response so I should reply, but I think that the point is moot. I didn't say that I agreed with her, just that I thought it was interesting that she was so open-minded given her age. A range of views should be welcome, even one as unsettling as "wicked actions may be performed by people who are not themselves fundamentally wicked". It is an interesting notion to consider.

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The girl in the article by Ray is sixteen. Not me, sadly!

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I doubt I would have much sympathy for people who hurt those close to me. But she is only 16 and trying to make sense of a confusing world. This is just speculation but I imagine that she is struggling to understand attitudes of violence, hatred and disrespect; notions that are alien to her. She believes that there must be some underlying root to these peculiar attitudes and is more interested in healing the differences than apportioning blame. I think that at her age I was probably considerably less tolerant so I find her ideas interesting. Maybe even refreshing. It is very easy to write people off - her, them, me - rather than considering what events have led to the attitudes and behaviours on display. It might be nice to have more people seeking preventative measures rather than baying for blood post hoc.

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I don't understand the first line. Sorry.

Sorry (again), I don't think I understand this line either. Are you saying Ray is contemptible? It certainly seems a little bullyish to bash the opinions of a 16 yr old.

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Gosh, I hate it when I make typos in my comments too as I always feel that it weakens my argument.

Oh, and I think Queen's should have a possessive apostrophe.

Perhaps you shouldn't really use "until time immemorial" as time immemorial refers to 'before recorded history' but until is a preposition indicating a future state.

Apologies for the pedantry.

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What a remarkable young lady to hold such liberal views and be willing to express them at such a young age. In my experience teenagers tend to be rather conservative in their attitudes. It takes confidence and maturity to go against the mainstream. Of course, she may look back in a decade or so and wonder how she was able to think the way she did when she was younger.

I hope you didn't say anything to her that will subsequently inhibit her from saying what she is thinking or feeling in the future. And I also hope that she doesn't read this blog and see herself described as 'bad fruit' by a relatively celebrated man in his sixties. It might make her feel that there is something wrong in saying what she thinks rather than parroting what she expects people want to hear.

She sounds like a thoughtful and rational human being. I hope that her parents are very proud of her.

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This is pretty poor theology, even by the general standards of On The Box.

There has been a problem in Europe with horse meat turning up in processed foods that are supposed to contain no horse meat. It is not just the Swedes letting it all hang out like the crazy bunch of atheists they are.

The rules God supposedly gave to Jews included not eating any mammal that does not have a cloven hoof and chew the cud. This rules out pigs and rabbits. They can't eat birds that aren't traditionally a food animal. This is quite vague and presumably prohibits turkeys for example. Cheese from non kosher rennet is out as is shellfish and fruit from a tree less than three years old. No catfish and no new grain of course.

The western world does not base it's practices on these absurd and often arbitrary proclamations and to suggest otherwise is blatantly ridiculous. There are clergymen I respect despite their attachment to the improbable, but your total lack of respect for your readership leaves me cold.

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Are all humans depraved?

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I am not sure if you are serious but...

Species evolve if there is an environmental force encouraging them to do so. When conditions change then populations may change to adapt to the new conditions. Chimpanzees are perfectly adapted to their environment, but if their circumstances change then they will change to cope, or die out. Some species are so well adapted, such as crocodiles, that they have not changed significantly in thousands of years. Climatic and geographical changes take such a long time (usually) that populations of organisms are often able to adapt and survive. Sometimes they are not and then extinction occurs.

As to Darwin being too old to be relevant, this is rather baffling. Lots of good ideas were had a long time ago and many of them have stood the test of time because they have demonstrated their validity again and again. Kepler and Newton were able to deduce things from observation that still hold true today, for example. Although Darwin knew nothing of genetics, his ideas have been supported by more recent discoveries. This is a remarkable tribute to his brilliance.