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Why stop at Deeside? Free Wales from Cardiff!

I dreamt last night that Nero is the First Idiot's inspiration.

While those dependent on holiday makers for their living wait for a reprieve from the First Idiot they see planning progressing for the air bridges that will take away the their customers while the First Idiot just muses without a plan.

What makes this even worse is a Tory government gave Cardiff even more powers when that wasn't necessary.

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What planet are you on? The constants with the EU are they milk us and they hate us.

If you think Covid is bad, just wait until a French Chinese partnership builds us a nuclear reactor containing falsely certified sub standard parts. Buying key infrastructure from any country that hates us is unbelievably stupid.

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Public opinion is the opinion of an idiot. The mood of the nation is orchestrated by journofilth.

Government has a job to do and rolling over like a puppy has already been tried with no success by Teresa May.

Just get on with governing and be judged on the outcomes.

As for Dominic Cummings, he gave a glimpse into his interaction with the prime minister and they have far more important things to deal with. WE MUST NOT LET JOURNOFILTH OR THE TEMPLE OF IGNORANCE (BBC) DICTATE THE GOVERNMENT AGENDA.

I certainly don't want my taxes to pay for ignorami from the BBC to indulge themselves by televising their own staff winding themselves into a fever pitch of indignation. Perhaps it's time to cut the BBC loose.

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NO, he should not go!

So often people doing good work are moved out, sometimes because Mandarins who dislike them set them up.

Cummings is the only adviser likely to be successful in dismantling the fiefdoms in the civil service and the BBC. Not a likeable chap I know, but he may well become a national treasure if dismantling the temples of ignorance is achieved.

Last night the BBC news put up several of their own to wind themselves up about Dominic Cummings. One was so ignorant that she renamed Barnard Castle three times to Castle Barnard.

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Fiefdoms is a word one Naval officer I worked with used to describe their way of operating.

He also observed that "the machine would take a great leap forward" if a certain civil servant moved on. That happened, the team was deleted, and delivery was faster, cheaper and higher quality.

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If you had spent time in the Fleet HQ, you might have observed just how unhelpful to the purpose of the Navy some civil servants can be. You had a lucky escape.

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I might be a Hill Farmer now, but I have been a civil servant and a management consultant.

My experience in both roles is of civil servants frustrating the business of government. Sometimes, there's deliberate action to ensure an empire isn't dismantled. Sometimes pedantry causes balooning cost and late delivery. At the very worst, a civil servant is just too stupid to comprehend the detrimental effect of action taken.

There are brilliant civil servants and the complete opposite. I have examples of both and the effects of each.

We will never know exactly what has caused the current situation, but the resignation statement makes me question whether Rutnam was ever up to the job.

As for the Cabinet Secretary hanging on to previous responsibilities, I wonder who allowed him to add an extra big job to the two he was taking on. How thin does he think he can spread himself?

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Brilliant response.

There may be nothing going on behind the scenes but that's unlikely. What's certain is that yoy cannot be in two places at once. If you are in Westminster there's every chance you are doing your job.

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How can a news reader be a celebrity?

How can a news reader be worth the ridiculous salary paid?

Lord Hall's fiefdom is coming to an end. The BBC could deliver twice the quality at half the cost. Clear out ALL the expensive staff. Give some young talent a chance. Have a pay ceiling of that of an MP. Buy in less overpriced content and stop sending news teams to stand outside empty buildings. That's just for starters.