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I've never had very good luck with getting our Greyhounds to swim, but we don't have as much access to water, either. I loved seeing your pups give it a go! I'm glad you've found some ways to help the seniors stay feeling young at heart!

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Oh my gosh! Those eyebrows! I am laughing so hard! What a great costume for her.

And I think iTunes should be paying you, because I always have to go hunt down your music from these videos! lol

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I always love your videos! Bender did a great job with the camera!

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I'm so psyched to see that you got the harness! Partly because I've been dreaming of getting one and it gives a good idea of what it's like. Mouse sure gets around and tries a lot of stuff! I love that!

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I love it when we get to see our girls' littermates, too! I remember when you fostered Olive and I really hoped you'd end up with her, or that we'd get to see more of her. And does Angus have white ticking, or is it raining in the picture of him? Either way, he is stunning!

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I've been dreaming of having one of those cameras and harnesses, too! I can't wait to see what you do with it!

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Oh my gosh! I love this so much! It always makes me smile when I see how well Mouse is doing with you, and I've missed your blog!

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It looks fantastic on her! I paint Bunny's from time to time, mainly for the nursing home residents or if I'm taking a picture and I think it would make it a lot better if they were painted. Hers definitely lasts a lot longer than mine does! I think Mouse and Bunny must be an awful lot alike. There's no way I'd even attempt painting Flattery's nails. She barely lets us trim hers!

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I've missed seeing your posts! I'm off to check that list to see if there's a walk in Illinois! I'd sign up for sure.


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I envy you! The beach looks like so much fun, but we're pretty landlocked here. I'm glad Mouse is doing so well for you!