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I hate to say it, but I think the national SJP movement understands that the best way to create controversy on campus is to raise as much of a ruckus as possible. That's been their MO in many of these campus situations. They break some school rule with their activism, whether it's flyering a dorm or hanging a banner in the wrong place. They inevitably are disciplined. They cry racism in order to gain alliances with other activist groups on campus. Then, they put these divestment resolutions on the agenda in order to force a debate.

Pro-Israel kids aren't doing these things, but they could and should. Every one of these resolutions should be countermanded by a competing resolution that calls on the student government to support a pro-peace two-state solution which recognizes the self-determination rights of both peoples. Let them be forced to choose between a pro-peace agenda and extreme partisan one, rather than allowing these SJPs to control the debate. Force the SJPs to speak out against a pro-peace resolution. Force them to oppose the two-state solution on the record.

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So rabbi, what do you call it when Mondoweiss, which is probably the most visible pro-BDS American website, publishes post after post accusing Jews of causing the Iraq War and of having too much financial power in American society? They publish your stuff too.

Don't duck the question. You know damn well that accusations of antisemitism like these are not just about criticizing Israel, and you also know that just because there are some Jews in the movement, it does not mean that the movement is immune from Jew-hatred, any more than the Catholic Church was when they used to use Jewish converts to Catholicism in the same way.

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"Hophmi's sympathy for the Palestinians employed at that SodaStream factory is as disingenuous as that in this editorial."

It's not at all disingenuous. What's disingenuous is to suggest that a movie actress who has done humanitarian work for eight years would put profits above people, particularly coming from a guy with a history of anti-Jewish remarks like Jeff Blankfort.

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The hypocrisy in this story stinks to high heaven. Oxfam has taken millions in donations from Coca-Cola, a company with an awful human rights, labor, and environmental record, and, of course, a SodaStream competitor.

""There’s a certain arrogance in promoting a boycott from the safety and security of America" If that were true it might be but the action against SodaStream is a response to the call from the Boycott National Committee - formed by every significant civil society organisation in the West Bank."

You know what's arrogant? Risking the jobs of 500 people from abroad. Let's be clear about the facts here. You're targeting a company with a good labor and environmental record run by a peacenik who is outspoken advocate of Palestinian rights. That's what you're doing. You're valuing your niche issue over the jobs of these people, and you're doing it because you oppose any cooperation between Israelis and Palestinians in the region.

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Oxfam has a conflict; they've taken millions in donations from Coca-Cola, a company that has a horrible labor record, by the way.

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I see the denial phase has begun.

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"It is still a disrespect to 3000 people killed by this fanatics."

How so? Do you speak for them?

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"Its unfortunate that there are Jews who think like you in our community. "

It's unfortunate that people like Feiglin, who does not believe in an independent judiciary and openly favors killing civilians, finds his audience in our community and not in Israel.

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People: The mosque is not at Ground Zero. It is on Park Place.