Healthy Strides

Healthy Strides


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Way to go! So glad you had a good race. And a post-run buffet of cereal? My dream.
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Hugs for you and punches to the throat for the people in the group. I haven't done any of those groups save for an NSNG one (Vinnie Tortorich). I always found it to be what you wanted it to be. It's sad that people can't lift up one another but rather bitch and moan.

I think you did great and the other people can suck it. Go have a beer and let them have ACV, lemon and cayenne ;) You rock.

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Hugs! I must point out, though, that your "cookies" was basically the equivalent of eating a bowl of oatmeal. I would not feel guilty for eating oatmeal.

I think can sort of see where the posters are coming from. Even though your runs and rides are different, they are still long by Beachbody standards. These people are often truly working out for 15 to 20 minutes but at a HIGH intensity with the other time devoted to warm up and cool down. Very rarely do we hit the truly high intensity running or biking.

I wonder how much the stress you put on yourself affects the results. You can sometimes be very hard on yourself, and it can be difficult (from my experience) to see progress when I'm in that place.
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Great job getting your food prepped and a meal plan set up!

I agree, too, about Shakeology. It seems insanely expensive.
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So glad you shared this. I sometimes have those feelings of rejection or jealousy (like, I wish I was cool enough to get invited to the RW events) but I know that my life and blog goals don't include doing all of things just because.

FWIW, I wouldn't want to spend money on an RnR race. One and done is my take on them. And you never know what opportunity awaits without this obligation.

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Have fun in Jax! Soak up the warm weather.
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Consistently breaking two hours in the half this fall - while pregnant. I had struggled all year, and I nailed the training. It was awesome.

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Look at those guns! I see the definition, too. Keep up the strength training!

I am thankful that I get to eat with the paper's restaurant critic today - aka free food. And it's burgers!
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Fun! I have a small personal blender but it barely mixes protein powder. This would be awesome!
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I so want to do this but there's no way with baby boy coming in April! I think you have some time to set goals. I would run through winter and see how it goes. A 2:30 25K, though, would put you in a good spot to try to go sub-2 at a fall half. Just sayin'.
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