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*tear-stained gasp*

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*whimpers one last time, looks at Mallory with deep and abiding love and forgiveness, trots off into the deepest part of the woods*

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I love you all.

Especially you, Secretly-the-Bartender-Hillary-Clinton-Probably.

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I'm just as bad a lawyer as Barry Zuckercorn, so I feel like having a tote that advertises the option of TAKING TO THE SEA to solve all your problems is as good as any legal advice I could give.

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I don't bother remembering the recipe because this exists.

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quellthesparkle is correct, this is Man from UNCLE, and it's the early part of the film when they are rivals, before the Reluctant Team Up That Leads to Hidden Admirations and Maybe More.

There is a scene where Henry Cavill sits in a truck and eats someone else's lunch while Armie Hammer fights an on-fire boat. And then Henry sighs a long-suffering sigh and decides to go ahead and save his teammate/new boyfriend.

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"He started getting really, really verbally abusive. Saying horrible, largely misogynistic things to me. Calling me specific names that he has told me on several occasions that he would never use because they “sicken him”. He even told me that he wished someone would “put me in my place” in explicitly violent terms."


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You're right, GBBO *does* need to start doing a themed costume portion.

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All I want to be
Is someone who gets to speak
To a random participating Swede

Oh I know it'll be great
And I just can't wait
To hear all about
Their opinions regarding Lutefisk

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Well! We can't, it's just a law of the universe.

said the girl as she slowly pushed the hall closet door closed, gradually concealing from view a 50-gallon drum marked "INDUSTRIAL GLITTER, COARSE GRADE" and another marked "Sugar-free gummy bears"