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I have less-beloved bras which I wear at home - mostly bras which are kinda old and not so nice but still feel comfy. I have never subscribed to the idea of taking off your bra and going around braless; I just feel so...loose.

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Can we talk about Tom Hiddleston's W magazine photoshoot? Can we ???

That white underwear is just...I mean...*loses words forever*

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Me three, dammit. How is it always so right!?

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I am writing my Master's thesis and the only thing I want to say at this point is "What's with all the Latin, you law people!?" Why do we have to say "inter alia", if we could just say "among other things" and it would mean *literally* the same thing.
Why do I have to google Latin phrases to know what you mean, you pretentious scholar person.

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"Secretly you would think he was more of a villain than a Bond"

I love Tom a lot and while I would also support his Bond ambitions, he is *clearly* meant to be a villain. A villain who starts out as a perfectly bland ordinary guy and then mid-way is revealed to have masterminded something exquisitely elegant for Bond - played by Idris Elba - to overcome.
There would be a scene where they'd just be sipping martinis, raising eyebrows at each other, without uttering a single word.

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"It is a blessing and it is a gift, to sometimes be wrong about your own self."

Scorpio is just full of things which are too real. These horoscopes are always too much.

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"The only way you can date Michelle in photos, is by looking at me." And then they showed that freaking skeleton and I choked on my drink.

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I am def not looking forward to the peeing.

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Yeah, this was in Europe, so the premise itself wasn't so weird but the fact that there was no door. Like...I shower just like that? Getting water on my kitchen floor, not to mention the awkwardness of company was a big nope for me.

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I just came from London, so here's all my free tips!
The British Museum. It is huge, it is free and it is fascinating. The National Gallery on Trafalgar Square is also huge, free, and fascinating and while I love all art museums equally, what I love especially about this one is that there's small information next to all the paintings, detailing the artist, their profile and really making you acknowledge what you're seeing.
St. Paul's is really beautiful, if you like churches, even if it's pretty expensive buuut you just have to see everything, including the crypts and the view from the whispering gallery, if you're able to climb a lot of stairs.
For parks, I would take St. James's and Green Park over Hyde Park every time because they're much more together and wholesome and adorable.
London is one of my favourite cities, so I hope you enjoy it!