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Lost very little?
Trillions of dollars and the sovereignty of every nation on Earth... that's hardly anything at all. /sarc

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Ok, so brothermattiex doesn't understand, fine. You are correct in your assessment. With global sea-levels unchanged, then, what does that tell us about warming? There isn't any (not for the last 20 years at least.) When ice melts in the north, it freezes in the south. http://wattsupwiththat.com/reference-pages/sea-ic...
What happened to Al Gore's predictions? They went the same way as those from the IPCC, down the toilet.
Calling AGW junk science is an insult to junk science.

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Populations regulate themselves based on food supply. Lowering CO2 would definately impact the food supply negatively, so you might be right about over-population at some point in the distant future; for now, we waste enormous amounts of food, and if CO2 levels were to double we could feed that many more people.
Ehrlich was a eugenicist, so were the national socialists of Germany. Holdren is no better.

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Check your facts!
"They will not curtail extraction or impose hefty carbon taxes to keep fossil fuels in the ground."
net revenue neutral carbon taxes are being pushed by Canada's Ecofiscal Commission... http://ecofiscal.ca/
... and are already in place in BC.
"The one point which kept coming up was that carbon taxes should be revenue-neutral. What this means is that while companies would be taxed for their share of carbon emissions (again, there was no distinction between CO, CO2, and CH4) at about $30/tonne, the money would then come back to the company through special programs, tax breaks in other areas, or subsidies. " https://atokenmanblog.wordpress.com/2015/11/30/tr...
CO2 is not the problem. Temperatures rise when coming out of an ice age. Besides, almost 20 years without any rise, and before that only 0.8 degrees since the seventies - for this we should punish emerging market economies for the pollution caused by developed nations since the industrial revolution? Time to look beyond the headlines. This climate change is about governance, not the environment.
The UNPA states it very clearly on their home page:
"It is envisaged as first practical step towards the long-term goal of a world parliament." http://en.unpacampaign.org/

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Mr Pilger should see this:
CNNs Fareed Zakaria interview with John Kerry posted at the very same time as the first Paris attacks. What is the Peace for Paris logo already doing decorating the inside of the fireplace? https://atokenmanblog.wordpress.com/2015/11/14/je...

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Wow, did Lindsey Graham ever get off the subject of funding in a hurry. Let's talk about embracing, not funding... funding doesn't matter so much as long as there was no 'embracing'. Unreal.
Good article - btw.
"The Snowden revelations weren’t significant because they told The Terrorists their communications were being monitored; everyone — especially The Terrorists — has known that forever. The revelations were significant because they told the world that the NSA and its allies were collecting everyone else’s internet communications and activities."
The article could have begun and ended with that.

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The article claims science, but shows none.
The IPCC has been wrong about everything it has predicted.
There has been duplicity at every level of 'global warming.'
400 parts per million is equal to 0.04%
The term 'carbon pollution' is a misnomer and misdirection. CO is pollution, CO2 is plant food. If you want to feed more people, increase CO2 levels.
Climate change is being blamed for every ill we have foisted upon ourselves, and carbon tax will miraculously fix all these problems. Do you recognize the problem here?
The new environmentalism is about governance, not conservancy.
Yes we should recycle and no we should not pollute. But we should certainly find out what pollution is first. CO2 won't give you cancer, but let's not focus on all the things that will... pfffft.
Here are some real facts about CO2: https://atokenmanblog.wordpress.com/2015/08/21/ca...

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The globe is not warming so your argument is false. There is no more or less bad weather. Everyone has always had weird weather stories. How many fatal hurricanes in USA in the ten years since Katrina? ZERO.

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They have taken to spraying at night now that it's public knowledge. I even saw a plane stop the spray as it came out of a cloud bank.

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Zunera Ishaq just took the oath, veiled. http://news.nationalpost.com/news/canada/zunera-i...
She was not coerced to do so; she has been fighting for her right to do so. She has won her case, and should be applauded loudly by all those who support a woman's right to choose for herself. Her veil-adorned 'public face' is now out for all to see.
Congratulations on her court victory and on becoming a Canadian citizen.