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It's all about choice. They want to make the choice for you. Liberals think they own your income and your free will.

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What kind of breaker do they have on that house?

I bet the EPA are licking their lips on this one.

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Pelosi would cry but she sold her soul for some plastic surgeries.

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They tasted like crap but really did mess you up. What's next banning Jag Bombs?

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Gibbs is going to be the worst person in the world.

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The current laws are sexist. The woman should not, by default, get the children and money from the father. The suggest to change the law to have joint custody with no exchange of money. Too many single mothers live off the child support and welfare.

The ND Child Support Enforcement Agency sues fathers to get more support on the tax payers' dime. The formula isn't fair one either. The formula should be calcuating support to be equal from both parents. I've seen too many times the courts order payment of over $1200 a month for a child. This is tax free. I doubt the other parent is putting the same up.

"78% of the nation's jail and prison inmates grew up in a fatherless household, even though only 15% of today's adult population grew up without a father." http://inkarcerated.intrasun.tcnj.edu/womeninpris...

Feds spending money we don't have in the name of child support.

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"...given the fact he presided over as a good of economy as we've seen in our lifetime..."

After the Bush tax cuts were passed, we saw the best economy. If they were the Clinton tax cuts, they would have been passed years ago.

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This should the only thing the lame duck session should be used for.

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Nullification wouldn't work anyways. One clear example is the federal road funding bill. If any state lowers the drinking age below 21 years, they will lose 10% funding. Sure the states have rights but the feds just keep blackmailing them into doing their bidding.

Noullifciation isn't the answer. The problem is the with the federal government having too much control on the currency.

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Not really shocked. I've been wondering if Democrats are stupid or a bunch of liars?