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$150 sounds like an amazing price to me for a service like this if you count the studio time, the outfits and the 8x10s. I would imagine the two prints and the folder were at least $60 at the minimum. How long was your session? You look like you were about to bust up laughing in a few. They look awesome! :-)

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I've been trying to find a way to ease my way back in after such a long absence. Hopefully, this will add to the creative juices.

I felt the same way as you about Washington until the right opportunity came up. Not only would you like it for the views alone, there are a million museums. Whenever you do go, you really do need at least a week there. Air and space and the natural history museums are a must.

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I think the most interesting part about those machines are the auto airbrushing and the eye size adjustments that are done on the fly. I think if those machines were installed in malls they would be a mega hit as long as they are reasonably priced.

#8 and #11 are money!

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I think this is your best bet at staying safe.

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How far do you go on your long runs? I've been walking 3 1/4 miles 3 times a week, but I'm thinking about starting up a different trail that goes about 5 1/2 miles. I've been reluctant to go on the longer trail because I don't want to over exert myself, but I think it's just my laziness kicking in.

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I just started walking a couple weeks ago after about 6 months of inactivity. There are several interesting trails in my area that go right through residential zones, so it looks like you are walking through a forest with houses lining it. People ride their horses and mountain bikes down these trails, which also makes it a bit more interesting. I've been thinking about doing some longer walks in the angeles national forest and the clevelend national forest soon, but I need to get my leg strength back up so I don't pull any muscles or ligaments like I did the last time I did a big hike.

Up in your area, I would love to take the trail to see this http://www.hikespeak.com/trails/knapps-castle-hik...

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I agree with it being in the beerholder as well. XD

You are lucky that you have many people to gift your pots to. I've only given one framed and matted photo to somebody, but I think most people I hang out with wouldn't want a picture as a gift. Kinda lame, right?

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I love the way you colored your bowls. I wish my teacher in high school could have given us a bit more direction in that area. I don't remember anybody doing anything like that and all of my stuff were straight colored glaze. I'd love to take a pottery class again if only it didn't fill up so quickly. But I was never that good on the wheel. I prefer working slab

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Are your pictures placed in chronological order? My favorite is the strawberry mug. I wouldn't have thought to do that myself, and it looks like it's perfectly shaped. and the puffer fish teapot is just wowsers! Is #9 from the top a coil or did you score it?

Also, with the backdrop, You might want to pick up a white sheet as well. If you are getting shadows you can use a flashlight in your opposite hand to fill in the shadows. If the flashlight causes some harsh reflections on your piece, then you should cover the light with a tissue or a napkin to diffuse it. Good luck and great work!

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Yeah, it's no big deal. I've been lagging with most everything I do these days too. I always find something that will prevent me from doing something productive.

I've found that I can't look at some of my old work from my first photography class, and even more so with photos from when i started using my first dslr. I'm kinda luck out when I take pictures because I don't seem to regress from the amount of time between taking pictures but I surely haven't gotten any better. I get lucky most of the time.