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dining alfresco
starlings break formation
on our server’s tattoo


ah, yes, so many people in service, whether hospitality, police, or military have tattoos, and sometimes they do feel like they are about to pop out and free themselves!

I also like how tattoo, possibly unintentionally, can be a sound of music, and to stop serving alcohol!

A military tattoo is a performance of music or display of armed forces in general. The term comes from the early 17th-century Dutch phrase doe den tap toe ("turn off the tap"), a signal sounded by drummers or trumpeters to instruct innkeepers near military garrisons to stop serving beer and for soldiers to return to their barracks, and is unrelated to the Tahitian origins of an ink tattoo. WIKIPEDIA

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first light
her hands already full
of the day’s chores


First light sure is early! I have started both housework and other work through the night, sacrificing my sleep, and already up to witness all the pre-stages to first light! :-)

People underestimate house chores, mistaking them for some mythical 9-5 job, far from it!!!


dawn to dusk the D letters swimming closely

Alan Summers

note: The early D letters may have may have evolved from the logogram for a fish or a door.

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Ah, a Floydee! My brother-in-law is a big one, and Karen and myself visited the V&A Pink Floyd exhibition which was incredible!


days end the sound of sunlight glinting off a distant jet


Love the all round image of sound and sight and sensation as one!!! Great monoku!!!

warm regards,


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I do love to read and re-read these poems and comment upon them, as they are worth it! :-)


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the bonsai’s shadow
barely there


Noon (mid-day light) is a funny thing, perhaps because we define ourselves, other people, nature and buildings, by the shadows they cast.

Light which casts these shadows has a dynamic even with something as small (and imprisoned perhaps) as a bonsai tree, within its iron straps. Are we chained too?

the shadow
the shadow overtakes
is all his in this late hour

Alan Summers
Blithe Spirit Vol. 5 No. 2 (1995)

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Thank you Peggy!

I wish I caught more sunrises nowadays. Living on farmland in Queensland I had to be up around 4am and get the feed ready for the horses, so never missed sun up! :-)


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I love how I can read this poem as the author's body bending and combining the yoga practice directly into the sunrise!


sunrise yoga
my body bends
into daylight



sunrise the gulls segue into the light

Alan Summers
AHS Summer Solstice Haiku String 2018

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shoe box
my cat takes on
its shape


Cats are like the magical squid and octopus, but on land! Unlike Mr S's cat, we know this cat is alive and bending animate and inanimate objects to its will! :-)


how to fit into the world slinking cat

Alan Summers
hedgerow #120 (the summer print issue, 2017)
ed. Caroline Skanne
From "The Ninth of Never" haibun

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one autumn cloud
pony ride



Glorious focus on one cloud that may be meandering as much as the rider and the pony beneath it.

I'm also reminded of this famous haiku:

moving into the sun
the pony takes with him
some mountain shadow

Jane Reichhold, American Haiku in Four Seasons
Yilin Press, Nanjing, China (1991)


autumn deepens…
a passenger squirrels away
his season ticket

Alan Summers
Bacopa Literary Review (June 2019) ed. Kaye Linden

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Just look up onto the internet what a barn swallow looks like, and then against the background of washi and be prepared to be blown away! On certain Summer days (in Canada, USA, Northern Europe etc...) be prepared to be blown away, and fortunately the Barn Swallow is also seen as a bird of Spring! Southern Hemisphere in the time of Winter is also a good time, so set your sails across Marianne's washi sky and catch them all year, if you can!