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This is the most thought provoking article I've read on this site for some time. As I was a young adult in the 199Os I remember it as the benchmark against which every other decade in my living experience inevitably disappoints. I'd like to disagree with the article out of my yearning for that time, and suspicion of the Government intervention. But the author has made excellent counter points which I'll now have to go and refect on...

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He isn't merely an advisor though is he? He is effectively the architect of this government's strategy and delivery program. Boris won't sack him for the same reason Emu never sacked Rod Hull.

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Each to their own. I found it depressing. It reminded me of one of those momentum 'with us or against' rants I used to amuse myself reading whilst that lot made themselves unelectable for a generation. A good test of how you really feel about a scandal is always to think If the protagonist in this saga wasn't my guy, but was say Alistair Cambell or Seamus Milne, what would I judge? Cummings should have resigned with honour, a statement along the lines of 'I had a choice to make between my job and my family, and I chose my family. And I would do every time. But I understand that if I stay in this role, it creates an impression that there is one rule for me, and another for others. I do not wish to be a distraction from the Prime Minister at this time." He could have gone home, recharged his CoVID drained batteries. The public would be happy they aren't mugs for following the rules with a more straightforward reading of them, and in nine months time he could have come back no issue, well before the next election, and early enough in the parliament to push through reform. Instead , he has become the story, caused a shitstorm, and damaged the trust of that load of people who 'lent' the tories their vote at the last election just because Johnson wasn't Corbyn.

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You think northerners don't pay tax? I'll tell you now the
more narrow minded residents of say ,Harrogate , will resent the amount their hard earned taxes supporting, say, the residents of Hackney in the same eye swivelling manner that your post suggests you feel about the North. That infrastructure spend's not going to happen now though is it. The money's all gone in the furlough kitty.

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I have every sympathy for him, and in the same circumstance I might do the same thing: family first always. But if I had his job, I would also certainly expect to have to resign if I was busted. It's a bit like a road copper who does over a hundred on a motorway to get to the birth of his first child, you 100% know why he did it, and sympathise, but you also know he has to lose the job.

This is doing the party savage damage - the 80 majority is built on votes that have been, in many cases reluctantly lent, and have to be earned again for next time. This is stupid,stupid issue to erode that valuable poliitcal capital on. He could have resigned, and be back honour restored (the man who put his family ahead of his job) in two years, well in time for the next general election. Instead he became the story and is adding some toxicity back to the party.

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Just gone back through my emails when I realised it is a while since I completed one of these surveys and realised that it seems I got kicked off the survey list a year ago. Wonder why? Hardly representative if they kick folk off for off trend answers. How do you get back on?

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You don't. But you are at no more significant risk of having an accident if you do. If people are driving to somewhere quieter and easier to social distance for their 'daily government constitutional' than their local streets, what on earth is the problem?

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"The median age of those infected is 63 but the average age of those who have died is 79.5". Just to correct the first half of this - it should read "the median age of those who have tested positive is.....". There are likely 10s if not 100s of times more people infected than tested, but with tests seemingly limited to those who are pre-assessed as likely to both have the virus and have high risk once symptomatic, it is not surprising that the median age is high. If there were tests widely available I am pretty sure the 'median age of those infected' would be way less than 63.

For similar reasons the stats: "45 per cent of patients do not exhibit anything more than mild symptoms.
10 per cent of those with the illness display no symptoms at all." Could be massively understated as we have no idea how many people have the virus and are asymptomatic because we are not able to do enough tests.

Widespread testing of the asymptomatic population has to be a priority to get meaningful data to build a fact base to plan the next steps in this battle.

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"In the autumn the Centre for Policy Studies proposed a Simple Consolidated Tax for businesses turning over less than £1 milliom, to take the place of the four main tax headaches – Corporation Tax, VAT, Employer’s National Insurance and business rates. Levied at an appropriate rate – probably 12.5 per cent of turnover "

On the one hand that would kill stone dead every business who runs at a margin of less than 12.5% and probably all of those runnnig at a margin of up to 25%.

On the other, for business with higher margins (like mine) the incentive to not bust through the million mark to keep that level of perk would be stifling. No-one would want to make the jump from start-up to scale-up. In my own business the leap from 10 employs to 20+ as we scaled past the £1m mark and doubled revenue still meant a big drop in profit as that investment in scale settles. On the propsals as presented no way would I have taken the risk. I'd have sat very, very happy as a more profitable sub £1m business. Terrible idea if the intent is to incentivise national growth! Good idea if the intent is just to make it very easy to make extraordinarily good money as a very small service company.

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Well done to Bosworth. Luke Evans is a great choice, I know him through CPF and he's thoughtful, charismatic, and extremely hard working. If we could consistently select PPCs of his calibre we'd be in a far better place nationally.