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Since you Proggies are so damn smart, when was the last measles outbreak in the USA? Before or AFTER the swarm of illegal aliens, er, undocumented Democrats, flooded over the border, thanks to The Obomination? Can't answer? That's because it was a helluva long time ago. The Third World vermin that flooded our country last summer brought diseases and pests into America, from whooping cough to bedbugs. Thanks idiots.

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WHAT is wrong with the Massholeians? They breed fascist pigs like Obama spews lies!

Tar and feather the bum. WWSAD? (what would Sam Adams do?)

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How I hate and loathe this festering maggot and his grafter family. I wish there was a way to change the locks on the White House.

HURRY JAN 2017! President Cruz and Veep Bongino can take over and we have ADULTS back in DC.

And Hawaii can take back their garbage.

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But it was all on account of that video! That's what President Hat Stand and his accessory before and after the fact, Ol Piano Legs Shrillary said.

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Can we PLEASE vote The People's Republik of Kalifornia off of the frigging planet already!?

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Once again for the STUPID LIBERALS out there, WE are a Constitutional Representative Republic and NOT a democracy.

As far as the northern counties are concerned, they're right to want to separate from idiots who want to rewrite the Constitution, who tax them to support the lazy and stupid, and who trample on their Bill of Rights for the good of the "collective."

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Every time a liberal opens their mouth, I would agree with this guy.

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We need to secede from these bankrupt liberal Blue States and leave them to ROT!

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I hope Illinois ROTS! Take back your village idiot!