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There is no remaining woman for me. I will turn my attention to the world of business, and become a captain of industry.

CLAIRE [Muffled]
I own a railroad and I long to be mastered by a man greater than myself.

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I'm on Twitter but I mostly just retweet Mallory and Ezra Koenig?

Not helpful.

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This is really helpful advice everybody. Thank you!

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This may sound ridiculous but... do I just make a cleaning/exam appointment for a second opinion? I've never gotten a second opinion on a thing before. I'm also worried about paying the however much for another exam just to hear the same thing.

I'm real new to this adulthood/taking care of yourself biz I guess

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Toasties! First, LOVE however you celebrate/ignore today, and second I have a DENTAL QUESTION.

I went in for my first cleaning in awhile (a long while - I have such dentist anxiety) and it ended with the dentist very gravely telling me all sorts of stuff - crown, filling, wisdom teeth removal - I have to have done. But first, he wanted to do a scaling and root planing because I have early gum disease going on and he needs to get that fixed before he would do any of the other work.

But, I'm a full time grad student living off loans with no dental. And all of the individual dental plans I looked at have a six month waiting period for periodontics, and 12-18 for the wisdom teeth and crown. And the planing procedure without insurance would cost me $750. Which is a whole lot.

Does anyone have experience with this procedure? Is it a thing to get done ASAP, damn the cost, because it's my teeth and my health and it'll be uphill from there? Is it something that can wait that six months if I start paying for dental insurance so I can spread out some cost and save a little? Is it an excruciating procedure that will bleed my summer funds dry and then have to be repeated all the time because it's not as effective as the dentist suggested?


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Oklahoma forever.

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But what if social events give you that same sense of loneliness and despair but TV shows make you feel understood?

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I'm late to the game and have also been out of the game but I needed to share this here (on my personal tumblr for lack of better way to convey this information)

Hint: Involves the lead singer of the Decemberists and a cocktail called "The Gincest"

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More of a Landry series girl.

When my mother and grandmother were cleaning out the basement they said "Oh Gulfie might like these" about the Ruby books. I was nine or ten. I thought they were specifically using V.C. Andrews books and my love of reading to teach me about things I'd need to know about, like hardening manhoods.

Asked my mother about it a little while ago and she had no idea it was softcore porn. Delightful!