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China and America are playing on the same political chess board. The fact that the US has made many visits to Taiwan is a step to relieve some pressure from China. These are just moves that the two sides are playing only.

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A group of Republicans in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives jointly proposed a resolution requiring the governor and secretary of the state to withdraw the presidential election results.
The group of 26 congressmen said that the Pennsylvania election still had anomalies related to the postal ballot, as well as how it was handled before and during the vote counting process, according to Penn Live.

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Greg Fleming is a very talented man. In recent interviews with Business Insider, Rockefeller executives described how the company has weathered volatility, where it plans to grow, and how they think about the next generation of financial advisors.

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Because there are no symptoms of the virus in young people is dangerous for the elderly. That is also what makes pandemic rapid development.

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Reading your post, I feel like Christmas is coming. My neighbors are already decorating with flashlights and christmas trees, maybe I will start decorating my house as well next week.

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Things to think about for self-improvement.

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According to La Nacion (Argentina), "Golden Boy" seems to lose the joy of life since his 60th birthday, October 30th. After a birthday party with relatives and friends, Maradona returned home and didn't talk to anyone. He just watched a game on television and went to bed. "Diego did not want to contact anyone," a relative of Maradona said.

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I support Donald Trump. Brazilian President Bolonaro said the sources informed him about the fraud of the US presidential election, so he did not rush to congratulate Biden.

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It is worrisome that people feel depressed with coronavirus and are not interested in many preventive measures. This is the reason why coronavirus infections increased rapidly, out of control.

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The Iranian newspaper Kayhan called on officials to "destroy" the port city of Haifa if it was discovered that Israel was behind the assassination of nuclear expert Fakhrizadeh.
Kayhan is regarded as "Iran's most conservative newspaper", often calling on the government to adopt aggressive strategies for responding to military actions in the region. Editor-in-chief Hossein Shariatmadari is identified as the advisor to the supreme spiritual leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.