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It is true that China is moving very fast in all areas. That is the enormous challenge facing the United States. America, if it wants to maintain its long-standing role, needs to change!

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I believe I have a higher IQ than him at the moment. You know, he's been showing dementia in recent statements.

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I like Eric, even though he has been criticized for hunting wild animals, and what impressed me most was that in 2006, he founded the Eric Trump Foundation, which actively raised money for terminally ill children, despite the fund. This is subject to many things related to revenue and expenditure.

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Twelve years have passed and Joe Biden is now dreaming of a presidential dream again, but unfortunately he is probably too old.

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Democrats are dreaming. "“ We’re going to have to blow up the entire system; ”"
I believe Donald Trump will win convincingly!

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What I'm most worried about is that Joe Biden seems to be suffering from memory loss. If this is indeed true, could he lead the country?

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Politics are scared. One can use everything they can to win. Ruth Bader Ginsburg's death is an example "Supreme Court vacancy gives him a chance to make a long-term mark on America"

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Joe Biden said that it is advisable to let the new president elect a person to replace Mrs. Ginsburg. He told reporters on September 18 evening.

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Joe Biden said that it is advisable to let the new president elect a person to replace Mrs. Ginsburg. "Voters will choose the president and the president will choose a judge for the Senate to consider," Biden told reporters on the evening of September 18.

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A very educated person. As far as I know, at Oxford, he was a three-time winner of the Overseas Research Students' Award of the Committee of Vice Chancellors of United Kingdom Universities and the Beit Fund Research Grant.