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I'm excited to journey with you this coming year!

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This is so awesome, Sis!

Would still love to schedule in some writing days together if you'd be interested in that. Could be good accountability for both of us!

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i do think we get stuck in thinking about the typical/normal/accepted ways for our passions and gifts and talents to be lived out. and sometimes we need to figure out some ways to lift the veil and discover what other possibilities are out there that we simply haven't let ourselves even consider yet. our circuses, if you will.

finding those can be tricky though. i think it takes ingenuity and possibly even a coming to the end of our rope (or ourselves). it also takes others speaking truth and perspective into our lives (and us having a teachable spirit to receive it). it takes a willingness to surrender the dream we have in order to embrace another dream entirely -- another dream that is ultimately better but until we see that "ram in the thicket", it just seems like loss...

i'm not sure if i've found my circus; i'm not even sure exactly what my zoo is... i dunno. but you've got me thinking.

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i love you, starfish... i'm praying for you and standing with you through this journey. i'm with JR -- your book is going to move hearts...

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love hearing how much this impacted your life this year, marni. just... wow!

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i love all these pictures!

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i'm sorry for the high pain days... you remain strong and steadfast in the middle of the fight. i learn so much from you.

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yay! i am so glad you ended up posting this after all!! i miss the days of MTTV... might it be time for a resurrection??

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i love your heart, sis.