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I still wanna see sea ponies though..

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Hey I went to go download these and they're gone..Anyone have them still? At high quality?

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He said BASED on something that really happened. Not that THIS VIDEO is what really happened.

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I think shes very beautiful and cool pony! I love me some glitter ponies and I love the way they did her symbol. I bought this gal off of ebay (still waiting for her to arrive..) for $10. So heres to hoping that I didn't overpay for her when I could have bought her at Target! XD

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How about someone who just wants us all to act like the effing adults we are and not disturb people in the movie theater?

If there has to be a post about etiquette then we really are lost when we can't act like adults in public..Ponies are fun and all but there are lines that shouldn't be crossed.

And listening to the video it sounds like this guy may have some sort of issues of some sort..he doesn't sound normal.

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If someone is distruptive. SAY SOMETHING. The theater staff is there to ensure that everyone enjoys their movie without being interrupted. We had a lady who brought a crap ton of kids and a baby to After Earth. Her baby, through the first half, was making baby noises and the like and it was super distrubing. The kids were even trying to shush her.

Fed up I went and told a man at the front and soon after we all saw security arrive and didn't hear the baby for the REST of the movie.

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Here you go. Apple jack asking for apple fritters. (Pssst. Its my we love fine design! Vote for it! :D)

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Question, did your ponies have dents in them? I just bought the set and nearly ALL Of them have dents in the front from packaging..

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It may be soon. I was talking to a girl at walmart and they said in two weeks they'll be resetting the toy department

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Shameless plug I know, All my shirt designs are here:

with links in each description to their vote pages =p