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Rollins Band?

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If you used ZModem you could get a leg up.

Here's a sneak peek of Ken Layne's upcoming grassroots anti-corporate redesign.

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Look at this kid, uploading videos to the YouTube corporate goliath. If he was a coherent progressive who could articulate his goals clearly, like Ezra Klein, he would be serving his downloads off a 1200 baud dial-up BBS running Wildcat.

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Sad that a nation that once aspired to send Space Camp counselors into the solar system now has no bigger dream than droning imaginary hijackers forever.

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Here is an essay by the publisher of the Washington Times about weiners. http://bit.ly/jnDxG5

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This sounds like when you decide not to go on the mission on page 3 of a Choose Your Own Adventure.

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Hi Ken! It's because your new Wonkette Master Control Program mistook my post for a proposal for Marty Peretz and Jamie Kirchick to avail themselves of all-natural methods to ejaculate as much as 10 feet further.

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Will Marty apologize for applauding protests "against the Arabs or the Pakis [sic]"? In an episode of the UK sitcom "Peep Show," using the word "Paki" was how the writers got across the notion that David Mitchell's character had become a racist.