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yesterday I saw an albino squirrel. now that would have been worth swerving for.

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This a "good" example and it's unfortunate that a category of autistic adults was not included.

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Thank you, Sarah, for providing this information. It really helps me to understand what you and others are saying when you say your voices are not being heard.

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Thank you for providing these examples. I was aware of the Autism Speaks thing, but hadn't at all thought about the other examples as being "shut-downy." You telling me this is exactly what I was looking for. And I'm not saying "now that I know what you mean, I therefore agree" - I believed in the first place - just wanted to have a better idea of what it looks like.

As for the term self-advocacy - that does sit strange with me as well. Sounds like a person advocating for just him/herself and not for the broader disabled community.

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I want you to know that I completely validate your perception - and I do believe you when you say something happens - it happens. I just wanted to know what it looks like. Especially because I want to know if I'm guilty of it (unawares of course -as I would never intentionally shut anyone down).

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The reason I am asking for specific examples is because I have not personally encountered this. So I don't know what it looks like when a self-advocate is told to "shut up" (literally or not). I am not interested in challenging the experiences - I just want to know what they are.

As for the senators who anonymously blocked the appointee, are you saying that parent-advocates petitioned senators to block him? Parents of children or adults with autism or other disabilities actively communicated that they did not want a person with a disability on that council? Perhaps I am missing something that was implied in your comment -I am admittedly terrible at reading between the lines and take things very literally so need things spelled out for me.

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Caitlin said: And I can tell you - Zoe's depiction of the atmosphere in which autistic self-advocates work, is an accurate one.

I would like to understand more about this atmosphere. Where are self-advocates advocating on behalf of the disability community being shut down by parent-advocates? I am not denying that it happens - but it's hard for me to wrap my mind around what this is when I don't have any specific examples. What organizations or events are both self-advocates and parent-advocates at together and then conflicting? Or is this something that is happening primarily online?

Again, I'm not challenging the statement that they are "shut down" - I'm seeking to understand.

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It's almost like there are two levels of advocacy discussion here: parental advocacy of children on an individual basis for a particular child's needs; and advocacy for the overall rights of the disabled in society at large. As a parent, I appreciate the voice of disabled adults as it helps me in trying to understand (and advocate if needed) for my daughter. And of course I'm as outspoken as the next person to make my particular child's particular needs are met.

As a non-disabled adult, I find that my role should be to support those adults with disabilities who are advocating for the rights of the broader disabled community. I don't think I should have a voice in setting that agenda -as I'm not a member of that community. But it doesn't mean I can't support the cause. I should and I do. Just like I'm not gay but I support the gay community's efforts for equality.

It's interesting that I read language like "disabled adults should have a voice" - to me it should be that disabled adults ARE the voice.

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This is simply beautiful.

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What a wonderful interview. I'm so glad I read this and that it was shared on TPGA. I was particularly struck by the paragraph where Carol talks about times of being more autistic or less autistic. I see that in my 6 yr old daughter at times - I'll say she's in high autistic mode. I've always wondered if there was any truth to that or if it was just in my head. I also appreciated the conversation about meltdowns. Really gives me a new way of looking at things. Thank you!