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The role required diplomacy and consensus seeking but Bercow had a divisive personality and was clearly no gentleman. However he is gone now so let's forget about him.

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No that is a good question to which there is no rational answer.

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One does not have to be an "Orthodox Conservative" to believe that the best way for children to be brought up is by their two natural parents who are committed to each other albeit that this is not always possible.

But of course, you know better.

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Who are "they"?

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There are lots of things we could all do right now to cut down our carbon dioxide emission:
- Scap all cars, without compensation, that do not achieve at least 50 mpg
- On top of that, re-introduce fuel rationing
- Stop the important of all non-essential food (yes, we have bananas)
- seal the thermostats in all dwellings so they cannot exceed 15 deg. C
- re-introduce clothing rationing
- Close all airports to civil aviation. Meetings, including those to discuss climate change, can be conducted by video conference.
- Stop planning approval on all new dwellings that do not contain at least 100 separate units
- Make all children attend local schools and walk there and back.

Feel free to add to my list.

Do we reall wish to save the planet and do we truly believe that CO2 driven global warming will cause the world to heat to unacceptable levels? Those who do should agree with the above.

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Cheap electricity required natural gas and, in the UK, that implies fracking on a large scale which large sections of the effete middle classes would oppose, albeit facking would be far less disruptive that was coal mining and are the pointless wind turbines. However, even with fracking, natural gas won't last for ever which is why we also need a thriving indigenous civil nuclear programme, which the "lawyers and accountants" also oppose, even if they don't know why.

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I think that many people are reluctant to accept what they see as charity so the invitation probably either has to be personal or part of a functional group such as bingo or Probus.

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I am most offended that you did not mention the Royal Navy in this. The RN's role in the destruction of the slave trade was fundamental.

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You mean save the enery stored as liquid air or hydrogen for several months between winter and summer. Liquid air has to be kept cold by refrigeration otherwise it does not stay liquid and the electrolysis of hydrogen followed by re-generation of electricity in either fuel cells or heat engines has at least a 50% loss (Second Law oo Thermodynamics). Those who don't understand Physics should not comment on energy.

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Loneliness, as I know from my work in a local charity, is indeed a terrible affliction and widespread amongst many elderly people. The state can help in some ways but mitigation is mainly in the gift of all of us. So make that special effort to visit your elderly granny, invite the widow across down for tea or take the old codger in the pub for a walk.